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Betty Page

This is just a short Tribute to  Bettie Page from the 1950’s.    it is a look into our past.  Lucky for me the pictures were still around in the early to mid-1960’s.   Back then you just didn’t see pictures displaying what we now call BDSM.

Betty page with cane

I wanted to use that on her ass when I was just a boy. Don’t ask me how I found the pictures


Ah yes, as a young boy I wanted to spank her.     Yes, I know she was carrying the whips in pics or often rope but I wanted to take them away from  her use them on her.


Hey, it was a good pastime for a young  boy on the farm.     Of course, I didn’t know anything about BDSM at the time.   I just knew the though of spanking her or whipping her was very appealing to me.


betty-pageiii Ah Bettie “bondge” Page –  I remember more of these than the ones with her holding a whip.  Geee wonder why???










I found  a 1950’s Playboy  with her in it and put it under my bed.

Many of us “old guys”  remember her and just wanted to share it.

We all need role “mobettie-mag-iiidels.”   she had whips and rope and such so she had to be a perfect one.
These were simple pictures by today’s standards,  but enough to cause a young boy’s imagination to go wild.
What I didn’t know as a child was that she helped led the way to sexual freedom and bdsm.  she batused in the Dita von Teese videotles in the press, the Churches  and in Courts.  she should be a hero to us in the lifestyle.   she had a long struggle.  It became almost unbearable for her.    She was beaten down by all the pressure of the press and Courts..  But she led the way for us.

Once in New York she refused to destroy her photographs or pled  guilty to indecency charges.   she fought the system in the 1950’s.  it was unheard of then.


Thank you Bettie for your pictures and your struggle.





Tribute to Bettie Page and BDSM thoughts — 4 Comments

  1. She was marvellous! Striking and shapely with that distinctive fringe and that cheeky look from under it.
    Those pictures may be 60 years old but the images are timeless.
    So some wanted to spank her – I would be on the other side and dream of her, those great legs in fishnet and pert breasts giving me the lathering of my life!
    What a dream that would be!

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