Interpersonal Forms of Power:

This section looks at how interpersonal forms of power are central to the control of a slave, insures compliance to her Master’s rules, motivates his slave to achieve his goals and obtains her obedience.  They describe the authorities she gives him to rule her.

Not only are strong interpersonal forms of power necessary to properly train a slave, they are essential in her long-term management.  Loyalty and obedience are centered in their strength.   Without them being strong a Master can’t manage his slaves in a long-term relationship.  It is important for a Master to gain as much knowledge as he can about the BDSM lifestyle and slave training.   Knowledge plays an important role in a Master’s authority and control over his slave and her training.


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Interpersonal forms of power: (the ways one person has authority over another)

Reward: This refers to a Master’s ability to control the reward a slave wants. This provides reinforcements for correct behavior or changes in behavior or attitude. The slave complies in order to obtain rewards controlled by the Master, if addition it gives her reassurance she has pleased her Master with the behavior he desires of her.  It can be as simple as a Master telling his slave he is proud of her for her behavior.

Coercive: This refers to the Master’s ability to cause a slave to have an unpleasant experience. It is also defined as the power to give or withhold punishment. It is often associated with using force to compel compliance. The slave complies in order to avoid punishments controlled by the Master.    It can also refer to her complying to avoid seeing her Master’s disappointment in her behavior. The type of coercive techniques used depends on the personality of the slave.

Legitimate: It is based on position or mutual agreement. The slave agrees to accept her Master and grants him authority. Often this is formalized in a Master/slave contract. The slave complies because the Master has the right to make the request or issue the order and she has the obligation to comply. Legitimate power is very important is a Master/slave relationship.  Often before Legitimate power is completely established there is a period of contract negotiation. However in a Master/slave relationship this negotiation is usually more that the slave trainee accepts the conditions of slavery set forth by her Master.

Reverent: This is an elusive power that is based on interpersonal attraction. It is the perception of being a reference point or role model. The slave identifies with her Master and the Master is individualistic and respected by his slave. Reverent power infers a personal connection between Master/slave based upon honoring and respecting. The slave complies because she admires or identifies with her Master and wants to gain her Master’s approval.  She looks up to her Master emotionally and spiritually.

Expert: Refers to specialized knowledge or skills the Master possesses in order to train, manage, and play with his slave.  It involves him knowing how to move her deeper into the slavery that the slave desires and/or needs. The slave complies because she believes that her Master has the knowledge necessary to correctly do something.  This is important in BDSM play as well. His expertise reassures her when he pushes her boundaries.

Derived from a theory by social psychologists John R. P. French and Bertram Raven in 1959.

Three conditions must exist for expert power to be effective:

1) Trust.

2) Knowledge that is relevant and useful.

3) Perception as an expert by the slave.

If used alone each of the three following types of interpersonal authorities leads to compliance. (Reward, coercive and legitimate) Reverent power is the most effective. Expert power has the strongest relationship with performance and satisfaction.

The Master/slave relationship relies heavily on reverent, expert and legitimate Powers. If the Master has a strong reverent power and she believes he has the knowledge and ability to train her (expert power), the more legitimate power she is willing to grant her Master.

The Master’s ability to properly train her depends on having legitimate power.

Sources of a Master’s Power used in slave training:

Reward power is Reward based.

Coercive Power is fear or anxiety based.

Legitimate Power is position based.

Expert Power is knowledge based.

Reverent Power is personality based.

Reward Power: In slave training, rewarding a slave for good behavior is a powerful tool because it shows her that she is pleasing you. Pleasing her Master is very important to a slave and any reward by a Master to a slave for good behavior is well received by her. The reward should be given to a slave while she is demonstrating proper behavior.   A slave wants to serve, obey and please her Master.   Rewards encourage her and build self-image.

In general, the 4:1 rules should apply, that is applying four times as much positive reinforcement (reward power) as punishment (coercive power).

Note:  Some add a sixth power, Information power is much like expert power and may be a subset of it.  It means having the ability to present information clearly, logically and in an understandable way to your slave.  Information power makes expertise useful and just abstract knowledge and enables a Master to explain his wants and needs and motivate his slave.

These forces are simplistic in nature but profound in effect.   Changing a slave behavior, emotions, self-image and thoughts are all woven into these forces. These forces will be discussed several times throughout the website.