What is slave collaring?

slave collar

collar of steel

When you give her your slave collar to wear, she then becomes your property and that usually concludes the basic slave training.  The slave collar is often given at a formal collaring ceremony.  This slave collaring ceremony is a B.D.S.M. lifestyle public demonstration of your accepting her as your slave (property).  It is how you normally acknowledge she has completed the basic slave training, and you formally accept her slavery.  This denotes a long-term Master /slave relationship. However not all Master’s use a formal ceremony. Giving a slave girl a formal slave collar does not necessarily mean that she is finished with slave training.   All it means is she has satisfied the basic skills. More advanced slave training is likely to follow.

Formal slave collaring:

Before the formal slave collaring, she may wear training collars of various types and degrees for a period of time in the slave training program. It is common for a Master to use four types of collars in training; however there are five well known collars. They are the 1) Collar of Protection; 2) Collar of Consideration; 3) Training Collar; 4) Formal Collar (slave’s collar) and 5) Scene Collar.

slave collar of chain

slave collar of chain

In the beginning, a slave girl will be given a collar of protection or consideration, and after she is accepted in training she will receive a training collar. After the basic slave training is completed, she receives a formal slave collar. Often a slave will be required to sign a slave training or ownership contract before receiving a training collar. The slave contract details the agreement a Master and slave. She signs the non-legal binding slave training agreement stating what powers she gives to her Master. Some slave contracts are short and direct, and some are very detailed. Again these are general rules for slave training.

Not all Master uses the collar structure their slave training program. This slave training guide does not advocate one type of giving collars over another. In addition, not every Master is active in the B.D.S.M lifestyle community. Some prefer privacy for slave training and play.


Collars most commonly used:

Collar of Protection:

A Collar of Protection is exactly as it sounds. This collar places the slave under Masters protection. It gives the slave a level of protection and feeling of being safe. It is the first step in the process.

Collar of Consideration:

This too is exactly as it sounds. The Master has put the slave under consideration. This collar is usually placed for a set period of time so the Master and slave can get comfortable with each other. Then she is evaluated at the end of the trial period. At no time can this be considered a permanent collar and no blame can be attached to either party. The collar of consideration is not offered or accepted lightly. It denotes more than casual interest of both parties. It however is not a lifelong commitment.

Training Collar:

The training collar is offered by the Dominant, usually after the collar of consideration. A training collar is almost equivalent to an engagement ring. The Dominant may now move into areas of training and discipline and can demand higher standards from the submissive. The slave; on accepting the training collar; should have a good idea what is required of her. The collar is also a symbol of devotion and commitment the slave has for the Dominant.

The training collar can also be given by a Dominant to train a slave; until she finds or is placed with her Owner. He is often referred to as a Mentoring Dominant.

Formal Collar:

This is the last step. This collar is also known as (The Slave Collar). It is the recognition of the bond and attachment; the Dominant and submissive have for each other. It is equivalent to a wedding ring. It shows the devotion and mutual respect the Dominant and slave has for each other. Acceptance of this collar denotes she is offering her complete submission; to the Dominant. She gives the whole girl to Him; heart, mind, body and soul and trust Him with her life. He in offering the formal collar; agrees to protect and keep the slave safe. It usually has a ceremony attached to it and is a very emotional time for both parties.

Scene Collar:

This collar is used when a slave is being used for scene play. Generally the slave is loaned to another Dominant, for a certain period of time. Or she is a free submissive, being used for a set period of time. The placing of the collar binds her to the whims and rules of the Dominant who places it; for that set period of time. This collar has many names. Play collar, night collar, temporary collar and dungeon collar are some of the various names.

leather slave training collar

slave training collar