B.E.S.T. slave training Techniques teaches skilled needed to be a master.  It is a guide to actual training steps and procedures.

ball and chain, slave training

Ball and Chain

The techniques section will be continuously updated with new material.

Slave training methods included bondage, spanking, position training, voice training, slave modes and rules. Basic skills and techniques are covered here, A master develops his own style of training based upon his person needs. He determines the best way to train his slave to serve, obey and please him. The implementation of slave training techniques is an art more than a science. Many local groups offer excellent classes on many of these subjects and more.

To learn unique skills a master may require this slave take outside training courses that involve massage, etiquette, formal dinner training, bookkeeping, leather care, boot blackening, makeup application, cooking, Japanese tea service & dancing to name a few topics. Since each master will decide what he wants his slave to study; I don’t provide a list. . Don’t limit training to only what you can teach her.

As part of slave management, she can be tested on a regular basis. There is nothing wrong with testing her knowledge and performance of duties. In fact, I have a section on evaluating her performance.


red ball gage and nipple clamps  -  slave in training - bdsm lifestyle

Image by Derek Bowden.

Menu of slave training techniques used by a Master in the B.D.S.M. lifestyle.


How to do some common slave training techniques 

How obedience and penalties are used to to train a slave girl to serve obey and please her master.

Punishing a slave for bad behavior

Teaching slave positions such as kneel, sit, and and heel as part of techniques.

Daily Management of a slave during and after basic slave training. 

Signing a slave contract as part of slave training techniques.

Training in the skills needed to be an effective master that manages is slave well is an own going process.  I would advise researching many other sites and reading books on the subject.

Miss Abernathy’s Concise Slave Training Manual is a good place to starting reading about slave training.


B,E,S,T, slave training uses the BDSM foundations of creating through training a safe, sane and consensual (SSC) Master/slave relationship.