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This website will focus on the specialized  topic of a master/slave relationship and slave training therefore the posts and replies to forum questions will be answered with this concept at the center.  Here we talk about what we believe.

In otherwords it’s assumed that Masters and slaves are the members or those wishing to be Master’s or slaves joined to learn.    We will not change to a more geneal discussion format.  B.E.S.T. is about slave training and that will remain the focus. There is no need to express post or answers to questions in a way that does not reflected a Master/slave relationship or a slave being trained for consensual long-term slavery.

slave Training Focus

That means for the purpose of this website it’s assumed that a Master owns a slave as property.  This is not a general  BDSM lifestyle websites.   But after all it is called The B.E.S.T. slave training Guide.  Here we accept that a slave makes a decision at some point to grant her master her choices.  she makes a “choice decision. to accept slavery and his rule”

In addition I speak in terms of  a M/f  Master/slave relationship (meaning  a “Male”  being the dominants and “female” being the submissive in the relationship).   Of course is can be M/M, F/f or F/m.   I am only speaking in the terms that I practice in my daily  life.   I find it much easier to write using the terms I think and practice at home.   Of course the dominant can be Female and the slave a male.   Both are very welcome here.

I will not read a post that is written   “He/she  believes that a submissive/slave should give his/her all to the relationship”     Just don’t do it.  This type of paragraph is hard to follow.


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