Once becoming a slave there are many changes for a girl.  Her whole behavior is subject to her Master’s will.  For this reason, it is a good idea to take a look at just what a slave’s role involves. But this role as a slave just be freely given to her Master with full knowledge and consent.  It is her choice to give it.

slave's role

slaves role

It is always stated very simply, a slave is to serve, obey and please her Master.  That of course is correct but does not define how she gets to that point or what she does when she is there.

Consensual slavery is challenging and rewarding vocation. It is a life that satisfies the deeps needs in the slave girl to be owned.  A slave will need to reach deep in her and find the ability to focus and stay focused.  There is much to learn, and much to give.

I stated in another section that slave training, for a Master, is both a science and an art.  Being a slave is the heart and art.  It is giving the beauty in you to another person.  It is learning many skills to serve your Master.  The skills can include massage, dancing and a thousand other skills.

You spread yourself wide before your Master for him to take and use as he wishes. He molds and shapes you into his slave girl.  However, unlike a piece of clay, a slave puts efforts into her own developing and training.

Slavery means Change: 

Slavery means change for the slave girl. For a slave, the process of training always involves change. Even if she has been a slave for 20 years and for some reason now has a new Master, a re-education and re-socialization process must take place. She is a new slave to her present Master and some behavior will change. A slave can expect changes in her behavior, emotions, self-image and thoughts. Being trained as a slave is not a passive process on the slave’s part. She must embrace change.

Understanding what is going on:

The importance of a slave understands the goals a Master cannot be understated. This helps her aim her efforts to completing these goals. A slave must accept the goals of her Master and adopt them as her own.

Accepting what is going on: 

Training only works if she accepts her Master’s goals and strives to reach them.


A slaves role,  The three main aims of the slave in training:

1) Develop a sense of belonging to her Master:

It is essential for a slave to know she is a personality match with her Master before she grants him total authority. She should use her time as a free person to choose the right Master.

This idea of belonging to her Master is a difference between a slave and a submissive. A slave is the property of her Master. She must reach a decision to grant her Master her choices.

It is necessary for her to have this feel of belonging to her Master. These feelings are keys to success in initial training and a long-lasting relationship.

Perhaps this sense of belonging to her Master is the hardest part of slave training to explain because it is based on a personal connection between Master and slave. It is impossible to develop a standard when talking about individual feelings and emotions. However, she must be able to trust her Master before she can have a sense of belonging to him.

A slaves role, sense of belonging:

There are some basic things that are necessary before a slave can develop a sense of belonging. She must know that he:

  •  Has the knowledge and skills necessary to re-educate and re-socialize her,
  •  Will keep her safe,
  •  Will accept ownership of her,
  •  Will structure her service in a way that she feels useful and
  •  Has personal stability and integrity.

For some slaves, it may mean that she has to know that a Master will not leave. She must prove to herself that her Master has the intestinal fortitude to stick it out through the hard times. Each slave probably has unique issues that must be addressed before submitting completely to her Master.

A sense of belonging to her Master does not happen overnight; It takes time. Often past adverse events she suffered need to be addressed before she can move on.

2) Adoption of behavior pleasing to her Master:

A slave has a desire to serve, obey and please her Master. She knows that in order to accomplish this she must learn a behavior that pleases to him. She also knows that her body, mind and spirit are owned by her Master.

A Master should have a well-developed training plan for his slave or at least know what behavior he expects. A slave should not be afraid to ask her Master what his goals are for her and to clarify for her what he wants during training. If the instructions don’t seem consistent or make sense, ask questions so you can do it correctly. A slave wants to learn how to serve, obey and please her Master, and it is confusing to her if he changes his requirements all the time.

Owning a slave’s body is an important concept in this training. This means that a Master owns her space, time, physical actions, privacy and relationships with others. A slave can usually expect to receive intense discipline training early in the process. Her duty is to focus on learning the behavior her Master desires and obedience.

A slave can expect:

  •  Discipline training,
  •  Slave rules, protocols, and probably a training contract,
  •  That her Master will accept no less than appropriate behavior, and
  •  Her Master to offer both encouragement when she is successful and punishment if she  fails.

The rules, protocols and any other training documents provided by her Master that detail the behavior he desires should be studied in detail and if the slave does not understand any of the points, again she should ask her Master.

She can expect punishment if she is not obeying orders or exhibiting the behavior required of her. Depending on the Master’s philosophy, it may or may not include corporal punishment.

However behavior training alone does not make a complete slave. She must see herself as a slave and be at peace in her slavery. In short, her behavior, emotions, self-image and thoughts are all part of training. A slave must be willing to open her inner thoughts and feelings to her Master. It is another key issue in her development. Openness is a learned skill.

Helplessness in slave training: 

Part of developing a sense of belonging involves instilling a sense of helplessness. By this, I mean that a slave is helpless to change her behavior because her Master controls it. She has no choice but to obey.

A slave must reach a state of mind where she makes a decision to grant her Master all her choices. If a Master owns her choices; she is helpless to behave other than in a way pleasing to him. It is his choice as to how she behaves.

3) Re-socialize to fit her Master’s social needs:

This involves not just learning the behavior a Master wants but putting it into practice and being useful to him. Re-socialization is the slave’s adoption of the new behaviors and attitudes that are please her Master. In slave training, behavior changes are not determined by compromise, the slave adapts to the behavior her Master wishes.

This is establishing and developing a social consecutiveness between a Master and slave. It includes establishing the Master and the absolute authority figure in the relationship and the slave as his property. This does not mean that a Master makes all decisions for her, it means he can make any decision he wishes to make.

Often she will need to break instructions down into smaller steps to avoid being overwhelmed.

A slave can expect to have any resistance and reactance to training challenged and corrective action taken because she has no choice but to obey. Controlling behavior creates a feeling of helplessness that establishes and reinforces a feeling of belonging.

A combination of discipline and punishment is part of her training and, if correctly applied, are both positive reinforcements for her and instill a feeling of helplessness.

Discipline Training shows her proper behavior and reinforces the behavior demanded of her by her Master. Punishment shows her the limits of her Master and demonstrates his willingness and ability to control her.

The re-socialization will include learning her Master’s protocols, which includes rules, speech restrictions, positions, and presenting modes. (See the Cuffs Master’s Domain section menu tap above  for examples).