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What you can accomplish while a slave is in a hypnotic trance (hypnotic induction, under hypnosis) depends greatly on the depth of her hypnotic trance.  Knowing the different levels of her trance governs what can be accomplished while she is hypnotized.  Before starting any scene play or slave training using hypnosis, I check to see how deep she is in trance.


Levels of Hypnosis as used in slave training and bdsm scene play:


Hypnosis Level (depth): Can be determined by a multitude of different methods. Some of the methods have over 20 defined levels.  Unless you are using it for medical research purposes, you need be only concerned with three levels.  A hypnotist only uses the following levels to gauge how deep into hypnosis the slave girl has gone.

Level One (light): This is a great level for relaxation. Breathing becomes slower. You may feel heaviness or lightness in the body, and you feel less inclined to move, speak or think.

Level Two (middle): This level is defined by the acceptance of a suggestion of illusion. You can see something that is not real or fail to see something that is real.  Other indications are a complete muscular inhibition upon suggestion and partial amnesia.

Level Three (deep): This level is referred to as somnambulism.  Indications the subject reached somnambulism are the ability to open eyes without affecting trance, REM (rapid eye movement), a profound sensation of lightness or floating, complete amnesia may occur.


NOTE:  It should be noted that some sources list as many as 50 levels of hypnosis.   Most hypnotic practitioners say that the above three general levels are all you need to worry about.   The other more detailed list of hypnotic levels are more academic and practical.  They are used in research mostly and have little to do with the actual use of hypnosis.    These 3 levels gives you an effective guide.