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A great article when Clan bear’s becca examines hypnosis, slavery, slave training, bdsm, and sub-space

Hypnosis, Sub-Space, and the Submissive Soul:

By Clan bear’s becca.

In this article I will not be going over the technical ways in which to use hypnosis on a submissive or even how to drop a submissive into subspace.


Cuffsmaster has already covered these things quite capably. What I will be talking about are the effects these things have upon the submissive mind from the perspective of I.E. and spirituality. As a Certified Tarot Consultant, an Eclectic Pagan, and a submissive female in an I.E. relationship, separating the effects on the mind from the mental/psychological and the spiritual are quite frankly impossible. I know for some this may negate my understanding. But, I thank Cuffsmaster for requesting that I write this article.

First, imagine if you will that you are in a relaxed frame of mind. Floating within yourself and without at the same time. A voice outside of yourself is speaking to you and you know it is that of the Dominant with whom you are scening, but the mind begins to wonder if it truly is or if it is the voice in your own head saying let go and give control over to me. You begin to sense an energy surge as this voice grows louder that makes your entire body tingle with the words of the voice. That tingle begins to vibrate within you moving slowly through your body. You open your eyes and in a hazy state you see what appears to be a faint light connecting you to the person who owns the voice. As he speaks you feel and see the light rotating between the two of you. Realizing it is your energy stream joining with his you begin to change your breathing patterns in hopes of retaining your control on your own energy. But, the power of the voice is to strong. It pulls you back under blending the two energy streams together and pushing them through your body from feet to head and back into the head of the Dominant and through his feet. This rotation connects you in such a way that he doesn’t have to touch you for your body to feel his touch. He doesn’t have to do anything but speak. The more intertwined the two energy streams become the less you can tell who is controlling who. Without that ability to decipher the truth your mind stops resisting the pull toward control of self and moves more toward the need to have such a deep and abiding connection with another. You find yourself doing as the voice says not questioning why until the order is something that pushes the edge of what you might let yourself do if you were in control. You attempt to wake yourself up enough to say no. But, you can’t find your voice it no longer is your own to speak with. Your body continues what it was told and you find that you don’t mind so much. The fear of the unknown has been absorbed by the cycling energy and all is well within you. You find safety that in this type of connection. The only way the Dominant could cause you true harm would be to harm himself. Knowing that human nature won’t allow for such a situation you relax back into your service following orders and moving about in a somewhat clouded state of bliss.

Eventually the actions of the Dominant in correspondence with the actions of your own body lead to a crescendo that opens the mind and allows one to feel as though perhaps they are flying, or the viewing of a place one has never been or the understanding of something the submissive has been trying to understand for some time. With the new visions and answers at hand the scene begins to wind down and she finds the voice speaking to her in a fashion that starts peeling away the layers of that foggy bliss until she finds herself fully in control once more, feeling completely connected to the one who owns her as well as having in her grasp the knowledge that she found.

This is a demonstration of the effects of what in essence could be called hypnosis within a scene. And though Hypnotic techniques are used it would not qualify as hypnosis. The circulation of energy that is seen in this scenario is not a part of hypnosis. Hypnosis separates the Dominate and submissive putting them in their separate places as two beings one controlling the other. The above was the accessing of sub-space through hypnotic techniques. So what separates sub -space from the hypnotic state; the exchange of energy between the submissive and the Dominant. And though the same effect of visions and control can happen in a hypnotic state the connection of two minds and two souls becoming one intertwined entity in two bodies cannot. For that, one needs to reach into sub-space through an exchange of personal energy.

This exchange can be accomplished without the vocal methods of Hypnosis. Those methods are most commonly the inducing of pain upon the submissive and extended periods of bondage. I cannot speak upon these methods with any great authority. My Master has found that extended periods of bondage are not congruent with my physical health as I have arthritis. Though I do enjoy the infliction of pain it tends to make me more connected to my body than less connected. The few times have been able to change the state of my mind through pain it wasn’t to reach sub-space but a complete shutdown of my acknowledgment of what was going on. Basically I hid within my own mind from the pain. In essence that is the exact opposite of the effect a Dominant wishes to have upon his submissive. So all scening for us consists of at least a few moments in time being used to help me reach the upper levels of sub-space through verbal stimulation.

By doing so physical bondage is no longer necessary If I’m told that I am bound to the bed then I believe I am bound to the bed. Wording here is important though. Just telling me not to move wouldn’t work. I would have to move just because I was told not to. I know, not very submissive, but the urge for me to move becomes undeniable much like telling a child they cannot use the vacuum. The more they are told no, the more they want to do just that. So for me the words “your arms are now tied above your head or to the headboard” are very important. From there pain can be inflicted or I can be left on my own for short periods of time to ponder my fate. It is important to note that mental bondage needs a steady stream of attention in order not to come out of that state of mind that allows one to believe one is bound.

Proceeding with the flogging in this state one can allow one’s self to continue the slip into the sub-space instead of running from the pain that is being inflicted. But, ultimately the best method for encouraging the connection between the Master and his slave in order to create the one mind, one soul in two bodies would be the first method. It isn’t necessary to do it every day. An act as simple as a kiss can help to balance the streams and keep them connected even after a long day of working or dealing with children. But, it is important that the Dominant be able to recognize signs of individualizing the energy so that when stresses of everyday life do begin to wear away at the connection it can be regained quickly without any true separation.

This would require some serious energy work and for anyone interested in this type of connection I would recommend they read Donald Michael, Kraig’s Modern Magick and Modern Sex Magick. In doing so, you will learn techniques for circling energy. But, similar techniques can be found within the Eastern Tantric traditions and in the group energy works of the Wiccan faith. With a little study and a practice the Dominant and submissive reaching for the I. E. relationship can develop the skills that allow for a closeness of being that some submissive’s need.

For me keeping our life positions separate just makes for a ravine to cross when the time comes to participate with each other. The closer I feel to the Dominant the easier it is to let go. The old issue of equality among the sexes should not be an issue. One cannot truly compare apples and oranges. Based upon the same idea one cannot compare Dominants and submissive’s. If the ultimate goal is the giving over of control of one person to another then that control of energy needs to happen without the disturbing the integrity of the talents and ego of the submissive. The best way in which to do this that I have found is to allow the submissive to live within the dominant in a spiritual sense. The way to accomplish this is through the energy exchange that takes two energies and makes them one. No one energy less than the other just the direction of that energy controlled by one so the fight and struggle of which path is correct isn’t complicated by two voices.

I wish you luck upon your journey through this form of development and may the Goddess hold her lantern highlighting the path you follow clearly so that you may see where your choices take you.