Hypnosis is a great tool for relaxing a slave and examining the core of her beliefs.  For example, you can use hypnosis to examine fears, phobias, faulty thinking and past pain in her life. You can also use hypnosis for bdsm lifestyle scene play.

According to the HPTI,  hypnosis is a very  strong method used for behavior modification, self-development, performance improvement, coaching and stress reduction  These are just the areas needed for slave training.  But, I believe, one should receive training before starting. 


hypnotized slave girl - hypnosis - slave training

slave and hypnosis

Hypnosis and B.E.S.T. slave training:

Re-socialization is described as creating a social unit of two, (the Master and his slave). The slave has to be taught (re-educated) how she is expected to serve, obey, and please her Master. The Master establishes goals for the slave to meet during training. Motivation is needed in order to complete goals. Motivation is considered a product of thoughts and emotions (attitude). During training, the slave’s behavior, emotions, self-image and thoughts (B.E.S.T.) are evaluated and, if needed, changed to reflect her slavery. It is a molding process.

Hypnosis, by no means, should be considered the primary training tool used in this molding process. It is only one tool that a Master can employ during training. In fact, I consider it secondary to customary training techniques. Listed below are examples of how hypnosis can be used in slave training. It is NOT a complete list. Goals and Motivation: It is necessary that the slave accept the goals of her Master, and they become important to her. If they are accepted and important she will be motivated to accomplish the goals.


Slave and hypnosis:

How hypnosis can be used in slave training:

Hypnosis can be used to:

1) Help the slave visualize the completion of the goal.

2) Examine any emotional resistance to accepting a goal.

3) Reinforce motivation with direct or indirect suggestions.

Behavior: Controlling a slave’s behavior is defined as controlling her space, time, physical actions, privacy, and relationships with others.

Hypnosis can be used to:

1) Visualize each of the above listed areas then analyze how she is owned or not owned by her Master.

2) Reinforce goals set for each area with direct suggestions.

3) Allow the slave to imagine the displeasure her Master will have if she does not put all her efforts into changing her behavior and imagine how pleased he will be with her if she does change her behavior.

4) Examine old habits.

Emotions: If the Master is sufficiently trained in the use of hypnosis, this is probably the most useful area that hypnosis can be used for in slave training. Hypnosis can be used to:

1) Examine root causes of emotional reactions to training.

2) Examine past trauma, through the use of techniques like regression or parts therapy and offer relief.

3) Give direct suggestions to change attitudes. Self-Image.

Self-image: Is defined as the way in which we view ourselves. No Master/slave relationship can exist (long-term) without the slave having a positive self-image of her slavery. Self-image is a product of our emotions and thoughts. In order to improve self-image it is often necessary to examine core beliefs and the associated emotions that relate to self-image.

Hypnosis can be used to:

1) Offer encouragement with direct suggestions.

2) Picture positive image of self.

3) Dispel negative images.

4) Examine unrealistic self-expectations that weaken self-image.


Thoughts often spring from learned attitudes that are deep within our subconscious mind. What we think about an event causes how we feel about it. Changing core beliefs also changes emotions. Faulty thinking can be divided into two areas. They are how the slave perceives stimuli and how she values it. Either one or both may be wrong and cause the wrong emotion to be applied to the stimuli.

Hypnosis can be used to examine core beliefs and ideas about subjects and events that occur during training, dispute the faulty thinking, then offer different ways of perceiving and valuing it.

Phobias, fears, stress and depression:

In addition to the above discussed ways hypnosis can be used in slave training, it can be used in ways to improve the quality of your slave’s life. This would include examining the causes of phobias, fears, stress, headaches and depression. Then the Master develops methods of reducing them by using standard hypnosis techniques. Often “regression to cause” is necessary.