slave in leg irons - slave in training

This is intended to be relationship based on trust between consenting adult.  Anything else is abuse and not what this website is about.   Torture to obtain submission has no place in the lifestyle and is a violation of law.  BDSM play is intended to fall within the scope of the new DSM-5  guidelines by the American Psychiatric Association (APA).   The APA ruffly defines what sadomasochism play is not considered mentally dysfunctional.  


slave training guide &   bdsm lifestyle resource  focuses on a master using  body, mind and soul training to mold his slave.   This slave training guide contains many articles that act as a manual related to the training of a slave.  This slave training guide is intended to provide information to both a new Master or slave in the BDSM lifestyle or offer food for thought for the experience ones as well.  It’s a general guide giving an overall picture not a details step by step process.  Only you can figure out the details to train your slave.  I don’t know her so you must use your knowledge of her to plot the course for her training.  Of course bondage, discipline,  bdsm play and punishment are interwoven into the discussions about slave training.

It should be said, up front, that this slave training guide covers actual slave training, not submissive training.  Many of the principles included in this slave training guide are the same or similar to techniques used in the training  of a submissive, however there a number of differences between the two.  Many of these differences are discussed within this slave training guide.

This bdsm lifestyle resource & slave training guide is written in the form of a Male (Master) and female (slave).  It is written in this style because that is the type of a BDSM relationship that I have some knowledge about. I believe that almost all of the material within this slave training guide can also apply to a Mistress/slave or a same sex Dominant/slave  relationship, however I can’t speak with first hand knowledge to this assumption.   Therefore, I present the material in this  slave training guide in a form that I know.   I hope it can be adapted to all other styles and types of Dominant/slave relationships with the BDSM lifestyle community.   As with any slave training guide & BDSM lifestyle material that is presented on the internet, it has to be studied and then adapted to your own personal training program.

This slave training guide is intended to offer suggestions on the training of a slave for long-term service to her Master.  Its focus is on the concepts and not the details of training.  However, due to popular request, some training techniques are discussed in more detail under the sections;  slave Training Techniques and Effective slave Management.  I hope to add to this section of the slave training guide and will accept good reader articles to post. Send me your suggestions and articles.

Concept of the B.E.S.T. slave training guide –  whole being training

The concept of  this B.E.S.T. slave Training guide  is that the whole being of a slave is subject to training and must be included in the Master’s training program in order for her to be properly trained.  Behavioral training alone is not enough to train a slave; her emotions, self-image and thoughts must also be part of the training process.   In this slave training guide,  time is spent examining each of these areas and offering ideas on how to train the slave’s whole being.  she is more than simple behavior.

In addition,  a Master is responsible for setting training goals and reinforcing the motivations to complete the goals.  Before he can properly training a slave, he must understand himself and what he wants from a slave.  A Master should have a well defined concept of slavery and training in order to properly  train her.  Developing this behind the scenes concept is where this slave training guide is intended to help most.  You, as the Master, provide the art involved with actual slave training.  I have the boring part of only proving a slave training guide not a whip.  You get the fun!!!

In this slave training guide each slave is considered unique and requires different methods and focuses to correctly train.  There is no one set of training methods that are best for every slave.  The best training method looks at each slave and prepares a training program for her.

A slave becomes a slave ONLY through the efforts of her Master.  There is no quick fix or short cut in training a slave.  she has to be shown what her Master expects of her and she should be given a clear path to follow.   A slave must receive  proper guidance and direction,  discipline training, praise for correctly following instructions and yes, punishment at times.   The best slaves are the ones that have been clearly shown, by their Masters, how to obey, serve and please.  She is not a mind reader.  Communicate with her and tell her your wishes   A slave can’t train herself.  Her wish is to serve, obey and please her master and you must show her how you wish her to do so.  The responsibility falls clearly on the shoulders of the Master.  Again this slave training guide will assist you in developing a path to teach her how to serve, obey and please you.

slave training guide to improving trust and communication between Master and slave.

Trust and communication are KEY to training.  If you get nothing else out of this slave training guide remember to communicate.  Trust is earned by both Master and slave.   Time is an important element in trust because it develops step by step as training progresses.   The slave deserves to know what her Master expects of her and how he intend to train her.  The slave must be open with her trainer and not withhold secrets.  A lack of openness is a major cause of failure in a lifestyle relationship.   If a submissive is unwilling to open up her emotions and inner thoughts to her Master, then she is not ready for training.  In the slave training guide establishing trust is discussed in detail.

Giving up freedoms to serve her Master during slave training

Slavery requires the slave to give her freedoms to her Master.   A slave is her Master’s property.  In short, she is owned by her Master, but has no ownership of him.  Serving,  pleasing and obeying are the foundations of slavery.   A slave is no longer independent from her Master or his will.   she’s subject to whatever control he wishes to exert over her.  Slave training involves molding her to this end.

This slave training guide covers many different subjects, including B.E.S.T. slave Training  theory and principles, resistance to training, hypnosis in slave training, helpful articles for slaves, punishment, rope bondage, training techniques, slave management, and how to evaluate the slaves progress.

The major details of this B.E.S.T. slave training guide are found in the Theory and Practice sections.  They are the cornerstones of the theory.


A book for you to read –   A good slave training guide book for you is “Miss Abernathy’s concise slave training manual” –   It’s a fun read