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I write this under the direction of my Master. It was in a conversation we had today discussing how I have grown, where I have come from, and where I am today that I am instructed to write this post. I do not submit that I know everything, or know it all, because that is far from the case, in this or any other matter. However, I speak from experience, insight, gut wrenching intuition and an understanding of my slavery

taming a slave girl

slave table – taming a slave – Image by Derek Bowden

Two years ago (or in that vicinity of time) I sent an email to Master outlining my heart, my life, my fears, and my nightmares.   I was always expected to be the strong, independent, capable woman, and although I do that with ease in my day to day life, I knew there was a part of me that was not complete. And it was in that first email that I shared those thoughts and feelings.

Key to BEST slave Training

It was at that time, two years ago, that Master took me under His care and began training me—although I will say—I had no idea He was training and by the time I realized what He was doing and the path I was walking on—He had my submission complete and true.

And, this, is where I believe lies the KEY to BEST Slave Training. I was brand new to understanding myself, I was inexperienced to BDSM. A poorer Master could have done exceedingly great harm to me, if he himself was ‘new’, inexperienced, or did not know how to handle a ‘wild mustang’.

In my first email two years ago I spoke of the stories I’ve written, the nightmares’ I’ve had and the spirit of a wild mustang. And, it was in those beginning writings that Master took information and began my training.

submission into slavery

Image by Derek Bowden

It is in my training that I learnt that although my slavery to my Master needs to be of my own free will, His duty to my care, my mind, body, soul, spirit and heart, far outweigh any responsibility I will ever carry. Why do I say that? Simple—as a slave—I put my trust whole and completely into the hands of my Master. He holds the core of “me” in the palm of His hands to mold at His will. If He does not know me, the core of me, what makes me feel, what makes me cry, what makes me happy, what makes me submit, what drives me to peace, what brings upon the fear, He will not know how to Master.

In the Master/slave relationship there is one head. One ruler and one who controls. Generally, in this instance, we’d assume that is Master. A Master cannot Master if a slave is not submissive. And, a slave cannot submit if a Master cannot Master. My Master has control because He claims me, He takes me, He owns me. When I fight, He fights back—harder. When I resist—He pushes back—harder. Truly, there is only going to be one ‘winner’, unless you consider that my submission and slavery is the biggest win of all. Slavery is a gift, in its purest form. A true slave’s desire is to serve, please and obey her Master. It is a Master’s duty to bring her to that place and to show her the direction in which she needs to go in order to accomplish the end goal—to serve, please and obey. Truth be told, it is not the slaves’ duty to ask and answer questions, and try to guess the direction Master wishes to go. It is the Master’s duty to know the questions to ask and expect an answer and to keep drawing from her until the slave’s responses satisfy Him. (In all of that being said, sometimes a good beating is the best solution  🙂

In my training Master has taken those things that I’ve written to Him about in my reports, those things that I’ve written about in stories, those things that I’ve spoken to Him about in openness where my heart has been cut open with His knife, and has used them to His advantage. It is His duty and His right as my Master to use those things for His advantage. Now and again, it stings, but in all things I grow.

Taming of the Wild Mustang, was this slave, is this slave. Taming of the Wild Mustang is me. In one of my writings I sent to Master I told Him I felt as though I were a wild mustang. And, over a period of day’s and weeks He had me caged, and when He removed me from that cage, He had me saddled, bridled, spurred and ridden. I was ridden hard but with care and love. And I was taken to places I did not want to go, but I went because I was being ridden and forced to go. Ahh, but in so doing, Master never wanted to break my spirit, He never wanted to damage me. Master has always said—what good is a damaged slave—would I take my truck and ram it into the barn—of course not—therefore I will not take a slave and damage her—I want to use her over and over and over again. And, it is because of that, that my desire to serve, please, and obey my Master is so strong and grows with each and every day.

There is a time in everyone’s life where they want to run and hide.  Where doubt and fear take over.  I am not an unusual slave, I suffer, struggled and fought for the longest time my calling as a slave.  I must confess, that there was a time where I ran, and tried to buck off my Master and jump the fence.  Master held on to the ‘wild mustang’ with strength and power.  He knew how to hold the beast within and keep it from likely hurting itself.  And, it was during that time that I felt the spurs digging so deep that they forced me back to the pen where I knew I would be safe.

Training of a slave has no ending. The wild mustang will always poke its head out now and again. It is not a bad slave who has a wild side—what Master wants boring. But training is day by day, step by step, hour by hour. Patience, virtue and trust –for all. It takes time, lots of time. Master has been training me for two years and in that time I have learnt much about myself, who I am, and where I belong. I am owned by Him. I am His slave and am proud to be ‘slave e’ to Cuffsmaster. That is my calling, that is where I belong and He takes my ‘wild mustang’ and all to the deepest part of the darkest part of my soul and opens me up to see the light and beauty of my slavery to Him.

I am proud to be His slave. I am proud to be ‘slave e’. I am proud of where this journey began and where it continues to go. It is in the strength and power of Master that I move forward and continue to rely on His knowledge and skill in training me day by day and hour by hour. I still have fears, I still have obstacles. I am female and a wild mustang, after all. But I face these things leaning on my Master and trusting His direction at every turn. Surely He will continue to ride the wild mustang and keep her close to Him, for that is the calling of a slave.

In the palm of her master’s hand

You see, I feel, at the end of the day, a Master’s duty is powerful and strong. He holds the key that unlocks all the doors, windows and hiding places of his slave. He holds his slave in the palm of His hands. How he uses that (to his advantage or not) is up to him. It is not the fault of the slave if she is not being asked the right questions, or he does not know how to dig into her soul deep enough to find her deepest fear. It is the responsibility of the Master to know. It is the responsibility of the Master to ask, learn, observe, listen and hear.

To feel her, to see her core, to give her the room to grow and at the same time, know when and how to pull her close to Him. That takes talent.  The methods of BEST Slave Training were unknown to me two years ago. Since that time, however, I have watched, learned and have been a willing participant of BEST. I am at peace with this technique and find it (as a slave) a useful tool for both Master and slave.

slave e


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  1. Dear slave e
    I think the best slaves come from wild mustangs as to be a real slave is to have your spirit intact, yet have the trained will to obey and serve. I enjoyed the part about you being trained without knowing it. Really good Masters are tricky that way!
    “He knew how to hold the beast within and keep it from likely hurting itself.” There is a deep psychology in that statement that delves into the understanding that a ‘true slave soul’ can be destructive to themselves if they are without a Master. I read once that the strongest women make the best slaves and clearly you are on that road.
    Blessings Gaia

  2. slave e ~
    Oh my, your writing has touched my heart deeply.

    How i admire your strength of character. It is no easy task or path to allow one’s self to submit to the will of another. Even if that characteristic is longing to be released and spread her bold beautiful wings.

    How i admire your fortitude and will to preserver. To not allow any doubts, second guessing, momentary lapses to veer you from your path.

    How i admire your courage. It is my perception that it takes a very strong person to allow the path of their true essence to unfold before them with out knowing where that path may lead. It is like walking off a cliff onto a tightrope that you yourself are laying out into the mid air before you into the abyss. A strong person to allow themselves to walk the path of their life as it is revealed to them.

    i have told myself many stories, longed for many days and years to be taken in hand by a sage, a wise and discerning person. To be gently and sometimes not so gently guided through my own resistance and reactance though change to dwell in a place of bliss,…. my true self,…. my true calling,…. finding personal congruency and fulfillment.

    It appears you have allowed the essence of who you are as a person to trust yourself and your sage. To walk through the path of your own fires, the embering beds, the hot coals of your soul to emerge as a sage in your own right. A person content in knowing and honoring her life’s experiences. A person who has allowed her self to learn, in my humble opinion, the meaning to life,…. to give of one’s Self to another,…. as they in the appropriate situations, return that same gift to you,…. in a form of your needs, wants and desires.

    What a beautiful story you have expressed an woven. The synergy between the revealing and giving of yourself to your Master and in return, He to you. What an enticing love story.

    i truly look forward to your additional writings, so that i may grow in my own right through your life’s experiences, while sharing your happiness with you.
    ~ tallie

  3. Just wanted to leave a quick reply to say how much I enjoy hearing perspectives from the slave side. Sounds like you both have been very lucky to find each other.

  4. slave-e says “In my training Master has taken those things that I’ve written to Him about in my reports, those things that I’ve written about in stories, those things that I’ve spoken to Him about in openness where my heart has been cut open with His knife, and has used them to His advantage. It is His duty and His right as my Master to use those things for His advantage. Now and again, it stings, but in all things I grow.”

    REPLY: In a lecture and other places I have referred to that as reconnaissance work on the part of a master. The stories allows you to do deep probing into a slave’s thoughts & emotions. This gives you information that better enables you to plot a training course. It allows your to better understand her particular submissive nature as well as the fantasies.

    Many submissives are introverts in one way or the other. The use of stories is often an easy way for an introvert submissive to open her soul in privacy. This is ofter easier for an introvert. Being an introvert is not a weakness it is just a different thinking process that being an extravert. Never believe it is a weakness.

    In addition when I require a slave trainee to read the “Theory” section or the “Behavior” section of this website I will require several essay from them. This gives me feedback on their understand & thoughts about the material. If a correction is needed it can be quickly made or at least you know where to start addressing it. There is much for a trainee to learn and essays help insure the process is proceeding as the Master wishes.

    A fiction stories can be a window into her soul. Her fears, pains, hurt as well as her passions and desires. All good stuff to know.

    A third method I employ at times is to have a slave research a subject and prepare a research paper presenting me with the facts she found an the conclusions she reached. This is a great training tool as well. It can be used because you want her to find information you want to know or it can be used to increase her knowledge on a subject in order to advance her submission & service.

    Great job slave-e 🙂 I truly enjoyed the article. Maybe she needs a nice warm spanking for a reward.

    NOTE: You can also find some of slave-e’s erotic fiction listed in the 1) Articles, Poems & Stories menu at the top 2) and the forums. You will see them listed on that page under her name.

  5. This was very refreshing. I came to B.E.S.T. looking to grow as a Mistress. Things change new technique’s and I feel your never to smart to learn something new. So I am reading all that has been written here to make myself a better Mistress.
    Thanks B.E.S.T.

  6. I have read so many articles on this site that I have found very interesting & very helpful to me in my quest to become the best Master I can be. I enjoy reading both perspectives because there are two perspectives to every situation . Which is one of my principles, Thanks to all that contributed this site is very helpful


  7. Thank you for sharing. It is good for our growth to be able to communicate and for some, writing allows the creative juices of the mind to flow out. You are on a great journey.

    It is always a pleasure to read of a journey by a Master or a slave.

    i wrote my Master about my feelings about your article. my journey is similar and with my Master – we are just cracking open our egg – so to speak.

  8. Thank you–all of you, for all your kind words. You have made me feel welcome, wanted, in this forum. I write from the deepest part of my heart, and am so so glad that it has touched you!!

  9. All i can say after reading this is WOW 🙂 What a beautiful piece of writing …. you have perfectly encapsulated your thoughts and feelings!!
    WELL DONE slave-e

  10. @Michael–Sir–thank you for your kind words. i write from a place deep within my soul, is all.

    @KathiHWB–thank you!! I am so glad that my words have touched your heart.

  11. slave-e
    That is the most beautiful thing i have ever read. i applaud you for your strength and honor. i hope my training takes me down that road i know i am destined for.
    slave jessy jane

  12. After reading so much on here,I have just re read this again.
    I love it. Straight from the heart,nothing is more pure than that. Writing essays and fictional stories,yes,I have started to do that and it seems that my Master finds them enlightening at the start of our journey. It is sometimes easier to write freely than to speak. I think there is a little of a wild mustang in all of us, what a great description for a strong, spirited woman.
    I can imagine myself reading this over and over and still never tiring of it. Thank you.

  13. beautifully written.
    there’s wild in most of us,i think sometime that is why we find a slave at our core.
    to turn over power to a Master w/complete trust is a struggle but once the battles won.
    He becomes the safe haven we need.
    any person but especially single women, young girls can’t go through life without some trauma.events that change how we view life,places and people.
    sad but true that for the majority of us its the fight of survival of the fittest.
    A man that can start training a slave w/o her knowing is most definitely a Gifted Master.
    i also find myself writing events that were traumatic to me and turning them to fiction, sometimes with the outcome being a positive instead of negative. it helps work through the events and change the outcome so you can end it and put that story on a shelf to hopefully collect dust.
    i definitely felt your soul while reading this. a struggle with maybe even going public with it but the outcome is a good one ,the wild must an has become calm and she can now graze knowing that the One who helped her become tame has her best interest at heart and she has found security within the cage.
    funny how bondage can free a soul.
    i am so happy you found your calling and the One who you can find serenity in serving.
    this really touched my heart.
    may you always be at peace and know when you feel the urge to the call of the wild mustang that your source for taming is right there.
    you have found Your Master!and He is your existance now.

  14. As a very new slave, still learning all lessons, I read this with great interest. Thank you so much for having the strength to share this. It has touch my heart and I hope in time that I can be as good a slave as you surely have become. I have a lot to learn and prove not just to my Master but also to myself. Changing attitude being the biggest obstacle but I am working on that everyday. Thank you x

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