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Image by B.E.S.T. member & contributor Derek Bowden

Welcome to the original B.E.S.T. slave training theory website in operation since 2002.

The B.E.S.T. guide details the art, psychology and science of consensual  slave training and the BDSM lifestyle. Topics are designed to increase knowledge of slave training techniques and methods, behavior, management and hypnosis.   In all cases this website focuses on a relationship between consenting adults.

We examines more than behavioral changes in the training program, Goals are set for a slave. Training has four areas (Behavior, Emotions & Sensations, Self-Image and Thoughts.)  Additional bdsm topics like hypnotic slave training, bondage, punishment, discipline and training schedules are also discussed.

FOR MORE DISCUSSIONS or START YOUR OWN, GO TO FORUMS. You will find the forums in the top menu under the heading “Groups & Forums”

If you have stories or poems that you’d like to share with this group, contact me. We can discuss my publishing them here in the blog. If you want to learn about bdsm, and slave training this is a place to start.

Please feel free to browse and enjoy the information that is here on slave training. Our goal is to help people interested in this aspect of the lifestyle. There are many people who have this interest and when a slave girl chooses to become a slave, she needs to know she will be trained properly. The resource’s for this are all in here. Along with forums to share ideas. Well all can learn from each other.

The goals to be accomplished are education and informed knowledge in this part of a wonderful lifestyle. A slave needs to learn the way and a Master, needs to lead strongly. So; have a seat; dig in and enjoy. Feel free to contact the management at any time, under the CONTACT header button.

Thank You!


Welcome to the Official B.E.S.T. slave training guide & B.D.S.M. Resource: — 1 Comment

  1. I am appreciative of what you have done with your site. It has changed my outlook on personal perspectives. It lead me on a path of exploration. Everyone from Milton Erickson to Nietzsche. I claimed a slave in October of 2009. I have been completely fulfilled in the endless daunting task of educating myself as well as enlightening my slave to my expectations.

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