You will provide at least two daily reporting emails.


The first Report:

In the subject line it will be called Morning Report (date).

 You will include within the report:

 1) Plans for the day.

 2) Status of any uncompleted assignments.

 3) Duties and rituals completed in the last evening.

 4) Additional information you believe will be useful to your Master.

 5) Overnight cunt heat level form 1 to 10.


The second report:

In the subject line it will be called Evening Report (date).

 You will include:

1) Daily activity report.

2) Problems or questions.

3) Rituals completed (if any).

4) Status of punishment or discipline assignments.

5) Daily cunt heat level.

6) Other information you need to report.

Slave’s Mantra:

You will learn this pledge (mantra) and recite it DAILY:

your slave is willing,

To receive what my Master gives me, 

To lack what my Master withholds, 

To relinquish what my Master takes, 

To surrender what my Master claims, 

To suffer what my Master ordains, 

To learn what my Master teaches me, 

To change what my Master alters, 

To do what my Master commands, 

To be and to do anything my Master request, always.