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self-imge of a slave girl

‪Self image‬ and B.E.S.T. Slave training: A slave’s self image represents a mental picture she has of herself. This is often aided by internalizing the judgments and statements of her master.

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This is a powerful part of the Master-slave relationship. If a master expressing the accomplishments and successes a slave has in her development it creates a postive self-image of her slavery. The positive self-image of her slavey is almost totally dependant on the willingness or ability of a master to instill it in his slave. This is because a slave girl tries to serve, obey and please her master to the best of her abilities. If she feels she is failing or not appreciated for her efforts she will be less likely to give all.

Long-term success as a slave to her master depends on her having a positive image about her serving, obeying and pleasing.

Yes discipline and even punishment property used can increase the positive self-image of slavery.



by China Hamilton

Slave’s internal drive – self-image

The slave has an internal drive to become the best possible slave she can be and at the center of this is her connection to her Master.  This submissive nature becomes her driving force and becomes more powerful the more it is accessed and directed by her Master.  A Master is the key to this submissive nature becoming correctly directed towards slavery and her positive feeling.

The slave has within her a pressure pushing her:

1) toward unity with her Master,

2) toward submission,

3) toward an identity that is defined by her slavery,

4) toward seeing the truth and beauty of her submissive needs that are  within herself rather than being blind and repressed,

5) toward being creative in her service to her Master,

6) toward being good, and

7) toward being owned; body, mind and spirit.

She is pressed toward good values, serenity, kindness, courage, honesty, love, unselfishness, devotion to her Master and goodness.  The pressure is directed around the feeling she has for her Master and her submissive nature.

Self Image  – The slave’s feelings of self-actualization:

from being a slave  is based upon a positive self-image of her slavery. She is, in a large part, centered on a belief in the rightness of her decision to be the property of her Master and a trust in the guiding hand of her Master.


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  1. Thank you Sir for posting this. This girl thinks that if she cannot be happy with herself there is no way she will be happy committing to someone. The fact that she is committing to a relationship with a Master, need to be a sound choice and not one taken lightly in the matter. If she is truly to become a slave to her Master, she needs to be true to herself and open.

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