How to link to B.E.S.T. slave Training Guide on Second Life

Second life and slave trainingToday there  are Master/slave relationships in three arena  at least.

They are 1)  in person real time RT slavery   2)  on-line ( using email, Skype, and yahoo IM )  and  3)  using Second Life  (SL).    Many relationships are a combination of two or more of the above.

Many start out on-line or SL and move to RT  slavery.    Many just play games in SL  just like RT.


Second Life  (SL)  is an online virtual world developed by Linden Lab.   It was launched in  2003,    They say it has a 1 million regular users,   Should the rest of  us in a Master/slave relationship  ignore this completely like we tend to do.

It is over 10 years old and not going away unless replaced by more advances software.

Yes, of course, there is role playing on SL  just like real life or on-line.   But there are also those interested in learning about the Master/slave lifestyle on SL and get hurt just as easy.

Much of the same rules apply to both accept the Avatar represents the person in SL

In that light,  I am going to try something new and started a B.E.S.T. slave training area in Second life



The goal for Including B.E.S.T.  slave Training in SL  is to provide education and training.    it is also intended to focus on the human and not the Avatar.   In actuality,  it is  the one at the Keyboard that is a Master or slave even as you view the Avatar.   Therefore,  focus will be on the person for slave training.




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