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UPDATE 6/13/12… B.E.S.T. slave training guide is now open for beta testing.  It’s been a static page site for 10 years.  I”m now converting it to an interactive site where you can post comments,  join groups and post messages in forums.   

It will take some time to get all the bugs worked out.   If you see any problems please drop me an email using the “Contact ME”  box above.

I am for from a web designer so this is a slow process for me.


UPDATE:  6/9/12…  I have the database completely redone.  Working on some SEO issues but rapidly moving to a beta state for testing.




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    • HI
      In the Guide to bondage section under Training Techniques I list basic knots and hitches — You can do very well if knowing a couple of knots and hitches and how to use them and more importantly when NOT to use them. Later I will give a detailed guide to knots but I have to get the site up and running again first before expanding

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