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I just uploaded a copy of a slave training questionnaire that I’ve used for a long time to obtain basic information from a slave girl.

The major advantages to use a slave training questionnaire  is that it quickly updates you on your slaves prior experience and her likes and dislikes.   In addition and perhaps as important,  it opens the door for additional questions and insights into her personality.   Some of this information might take you weeks or months to find out in general conversation.

Use it freely if you wish.    It is in ruff draft form and you will need to modify it for your own use.

Later, once I figure more out about this internet stuff I will have a download link but for now email me and I will send it to you.


Uploaded Questionnaire for slave Trainees — 5 Comments

  1. The object is to gain knowledge of your trainees experience with slave training and the bdsm lifestyle and her general attitude– period — it is that simple.

    I don’t know how others would construct their questionnaire but I don’t really have trick or trap questions or hidden agendas within it.

    It’s purpose is simple.

    you can train a slave much easier the more you know and understand her. This helps jump start the process of learning your slave.

    You really don’t have to answer it fearing that a simple slip of the pen will cause you to be disqualified. That is not the purpose.

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