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I want to thank Derek Bowden  for allowing B.E.S.T. slave training Guide the use some of his images.  It is clear that he knows his art and has the skills to present it well.  It is  Derek’s way of sharing with us and helping the website grow.  His images help greatly in accentuating BDSM and slave training.  Thanks,  Derek.

slave training -  girl with exposed breast modeling.

Image by Derek Bowden


more from Derek

naked slave in leg cuffs - long dark hair

Derek Bowden image – slave girl in leg cuffs

We are lucky to have received permission from Derek and China to use some of their images.



Our Thanks to Derek Bowden for Images — 1 Comment

  1. I love the pics on B.E.S.T. and would like to think Derek and China for sharing. The pictures of Derek and China are very different and compliment each other. I have read about slave training in B.E.S.T. for years and became a fan of China because of it. I am now becoming a fan of Derek. I also would like to thank you Cuffsmaster for keeping the site going. I know how much work you put into “modernizing” it.

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