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A master’s Responsibility — 8 Comments

  1. Having said that We all must admit that being human we will make slips from time to time it’s how we address them with our slaves that determines the impact of such things. Therefore I strive each day to be better than I was yesterday.

  2. i don’t really think there are just a few i think there are like 5 million. Each one questions brings a whole new set of answers and thoughts. is it weird yes, does it matter, most likely not. The power comes within, that is what a Master needs to guide his slave. Learning is part of the wonderous journey. You have not known what it is like to be a slave, until you make that choice, then the wonderful things come. Your body is no longer yours, it starts to do its Masters bidding. It becomes his. Your mind it not far behind and Your soul has already been captured. So to sum it up, there are millions.
    slave jessy

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