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A master’s responsibility in slave training and the B.D.S.M. Lifestyle: You are responsible for being an honorable Master that your slave and

trust and responsible is a Master's duty.  slave in suspended rope bondage

suspended rope bondage

others can depend on.  That means that you are accountable for your behavior.  This allows your slave (s) to drop all guards and trust you without fear.

You must know your duties and be willing to takes the steps necessary to learn what safe actions you must follow, correctly manage your slave’s training and then be accountable for any problems or mishaps as well as taking credit for any successes.

Defination of responsibilty per:  http://www.merriam-webster.com

1: the quality or state of being resonsible as

 a : moral, legal, or mental accountability

 b : trustworthiness

2: something for which one is responbible : burden <has neglected his responsibilities>


Safety in slave training and the B.D.S.M. lifestyle:

First a Master is responsible for the safety of his slave in training both physically and emotionally.  Training a slave to serve, obey and please you is not causing her to be a mental or physical wreck.  Yes you push her in slave training but always with the purpose of strengthening her slavery.

In addition a Master is responsible for the safety of any play partner (not his slave) and holds some responsibility for unsafe acts he witnesses by those acting irresponsible  or untrained.  Never assume everyone uses reasonable care in bdsm play or slave training.  They don’t.

A Master is responsible to insure his play is safe, sane, and consensual.  In play (with a play partner not his slave) he has no authority beyond what is agreed to by both parties. Most likely she will want a safe-word if she is a play partner  (not a slave) and it is your duty to honor it.  When playing with his slave, a Master is still responbible for her health and safety, period.

Being safe can mean you don’t take actions that will destroy her job, friendships or family relationships. Yes, there are times when a Master can and should step in but the actions need to be practical and with good cause.  These action should improve self-image and esteem not destroy it.

Be Consistent as a Master:

In life it’s much easier to trust someone that is stable and consistent in behavior.  A slave wants to learn how to serve, obey and please her Master.  It is very confusing to her and she is unable to let go to her core if a Master is not consistent in his behavior. If you establish a rule for her to follow then it should not change without notice. She has no way of knowing how to serve you if you don’t tell her if you change rules.  This may sound like common sense but I have seen this basic rule of consistency broken or not understood many a time.   Do you really give her a chance to trust you with her training?

Now there is nothing wrong with changing rules or a slaves behavior if you believe another behavior is better but make the change clear to her.

Realistic Plans & Expectations:

The training goals must be realistic and obtainable for a slave. Unrealistic goals does not build trust or motivation her to serve you. When you live the lifestyle 24/7 it is not a fairytale and must be adapted around the reality of living life in and around the vanilla world.

Responsibility to the B.D.S.M. Community:

A Master also has a responsibility to the general B.D.S.M. Commnity to speak out and promote safe and sane practices.  This is part of the lifestyle social responsibility.   This may become very important now with the new interest in the lifestyle because of the book “fifty Shades of Grey.”  

This new book will bring out many and most will have little or no experience in the lifestyle.  It is a time when we as a group  can make positive progress or suffer major setbacks.   It’s up to those with experience to make themselves available to direct both the new Dominant and submissive into the new world of B.D.S.M.   Now that does not mean you want to rush to be the first to meet, beat and forget the new sub.


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  1. Having said that We all must admit that being human we will make slips from time to time it’s how we address them with our slaves that determines the impact of such things. Therefore I strive each day to be better than I was yesterday.

  2. i don’t really think there are just a few i think there are like 5 million. Each one questions brings a whole new set of answers and thoughts. is it weird yes, does it matter, most likely not. The power comes within, that is what a Master needs to guide his slave. Learning is part of the wonderous journey. You have not known what it is like to be a slave, until you make that choice, then the wonderful things come. Your body is no longer yours, it starts to do its Masters bidding. It becomes his. Your mind it not far behind and Your soul has already been captured. So to sum it up, there are millions.
    slave jessy

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