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Loyalty in a polyamorous Master/slave relationship — 7 Comments

  1. I love this article! 🙂 It is a very different view into the poly lifestyle. To me this is one of the hardest beliefs in the poly world for the rest of society to understand. They assume that if there is no jealousy and they just let their partner go off and be with someone else that they are worthless when in fact it means just the opposite. Partners in this lifestyle need to realize that they are all unique.

  2. @ Sir Cuffsmaster – THANK YOU — So true, so true. This Post makes me think.

    A Master’ s attention must be on the whole home much like a father. Yes, each slave needs attention but must not be permitted to dominate or push out others. Master holds our home together with his energy.

    Loyalty to your Master and the family is everything and gives you more strength than you’d ever have on your own. Sister/brother slaves can be such a blessing to have if all worship and are loyal to their Master and respect the home and each other.

    Each slave receives joy from the other slaves’ service to their Master. You learn to honor and respect the strengths each slave brings to the home and not be jealous of it. Each slave’s strength and energy serves everyone in the family directly or indirectly. Of course there are bumps and struggles at time but loyalty, love and caring carries you and guide changes. Well, that and Master’s cane lol.

    I never thought about the differences between loyalty requirements of a Master vs slaves but Sir Cuffsmaster’s Post makes me think. Of course everyone knows that it’s impossible for the house to live and grow if a Master only gives his attention to one slave. But it might be worse if his loyalty was focused on one slave or individual slaves instead of maintaining a home for all.

    I know that being a “head of household” is not a responsibility I’d want. I’ll gladly let Master make the decisions to govern us. Master makes many choices including who his slaves will be. Those are choices I have no interest in making. I would not like telling a slave that she didn’t make it for this or that reason. I know Sir Cuffsmaster and my Master have discussed this task at times.

    I think accepting a poly Master/slave relationship is harder for the first slave than the ones that follow after her into the home. At least that has been my observation. Her attitude and loyalty can have almost as much influence on the success or failure of the home as her Master. I may be wrong since I’m not an authority nor have I seriously studied it.

    In my observations it seems that the first slave is most likely the Alpha slave in homes where the Master allows an Alpha. I don’t know if Masters pick an Alpha first or it just turns out that way.

    I agree completely with the last sentence about the importance of “loyalty and discipline” in a poly household. IMO, no poly family would last 10 minutes without both.

    Thank you again.


    the milk cow

    Our home is over 9 years old & includes:
    our Master of course,
    an Alpha slave,
    2 slave girls (me being 1 of the 2)
    and 1 slave boy.

    3 of us are 24/7 with the others spending on the average 2 days a week in the home. Master says we are a full household and does not want or need more. LOL I guess we are a handful.

  3. I enjoyed reading this article. Since I was a little girl I dreamed of being in a poly family. Western society teaches us that that is wrong. Unfortunately, I figured this out late in life. My ideal Family would comprise of one Master and several slaves.
    I find in my search for this the use of the terms alpha and beta rampant. Some Masters are looking for an alpha then betas. However, most already have an Alpha and are only looking for betas. Maybe I am seeing it wrong but nobody wants to be second best. I would not want to be in a relationship where I’m considered the alpha or the beta. I see this as akin to having children. I for example have three boys. They each have differing attributes and strengths just like they have different weaknesses. Even though this is the case I have no more love for one over the other and certainly no favorite. I see them as being equal yet different.
    I would love to hear thoughts from the community on this subject.

    • Someday, we hope to add an alpha to our unit. And that is what I want. I am submissive and do not want to be alpha. I would prefer someone to be over me. However, I know and feel secure in my Master’s love. That is not to say that I definitely won’t be jealous. I’m already jealous, thinking about it. However, I am committed to my Master and to what unit he may assemble. It will be up to the Master to make sure that one does not feel less than another.

    • you are right on the money re. your sons. wonderful to see someone with such a insightful approach to family. think you are right re alpha beta etc. thanks for your post

  4. An excellent read, and spot on across the board coming from a Dom whose spent the better part of 17 years as a Poly Master. Thanks for sharing my friend. Great site too btw. Peace

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