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The Ideal Master/Owner of a slave — 2 Comments

  1. I my opinion, this is an awesome post that needs to be read over and over again by any submissive who is looking for a dominant to serve. Also for any dominant who desires to rule responsibly and with integrity.

    Thank you Sir for posting this. I have dear friends who I hope find Masters with such character as this.

    With admiration,

  2. I believe that it is crucial for a Master to never view a slave as being inferior to Him. It is a common misconception to those unfamiliar with the lifestyle that a slave is weak and wants to be pushed around and walked all over. A Master who values his slave’s intelligence and knowledge indeed makes her feel valued, needed and in return allows the slave to develop higher levels of respect for her Master. It allows for Him to take full advantage of the skills and mind of His property. Not allowing a slave to share her knowledge would make the slave feel disrespected and in turn discourage her from developing her education on matters that are crucial for the well being of her Master.

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