A list of articles providing “how to” instructions for slave training and some bdsm lifestyle methods.  Many slave training techniques are discussed and over time many more will be added.   At present, the “how to” for slave training sections covers an introduction general bondage,  spanking, frigging, humiliation and other subjects.

This is only a guide to get you started.  It is very elementary in nature.     However if you read the Theory and Principles sections of this website it will give you a good working idea on how to start training.  You will have to work the details out yourself based upon your experience and desires and what you want from a slave girl.

You will probably want to focus on behavior, slave positions, voice training, & presenting for a start.   You need to spend sometime before you start reading and deciding what you want to do.   There is not magic to this, it takes planning.

If you are a slave you can do the same, you can read to 1) see what will be expected and 2) see if it is for you.

This is an open area not directly about the B.E.S.T. slave training theory so articles from other Masters or slaves on the subject will be welcomed.  It would be good to get more opinions than just mine in this area. If there are other areas you which to be covered please email me.

You can also contact me if you wish to write an article on some favorite training tool or technique.    Above you will see the “contact me”  tab in the menu bar.


The list is below.

bare ass to spank - slave training

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How To slave training instructions:






Orgasm Control