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Hello world! – a new safeword — 15 Comments

  1. Sir, roflmao
    so funny. This milk cow thinks she would be beaten forever before she’d be able to remember THAT word. I see in my mind a wicked smile on your face lol

    Sir, if I may say it, You are sick in a beautiful way .

    Will this milk cow need to remember the safeword after calling you sick? lol

    This milk cow is trying to figure out how to hide this post from my Master. I think he is as wicked as you.

    milk cow

  2. hahahaha,ok,I’m ready to be slaughtered,that is sooooooooooooo bad,in a bad way for slaves,but a good way for Masters, this is not one of those posts I am in a hurry to share with mine,…still laughing,I love it really,

  3. This is quite funny indeed…I myself just had my first scene with my slave yesterday, and then afterwards, Master paraded her around town, and the best part is, it all clicked…of course she joked with master of course when we were at the Goth club, which had the “safe” word all around us…written on the walls..lol..
    then, Master held his preciuous close and she used the safe word as we actually touched…lol…so this post reminds me not to make the safe word “pain”…lol

    Am I the only master who actually is friends with his slave too?

  4. To live with a slave 24/7/365, I believe you must care for her and her well being. SO yes, I think friendship is important. However it is not the same type of friendship one often thinks of. Simply because you are friends does not mean you treat her differently. she is your slave and you may have to discipline her if she misbehaves.

  5. this is too funny!!
    and no,i don’t agree with a M/s relationship as in being “best friends”, so to say because to love her and treat her lovingly are two separate equations and her as a Best friend, can take away from the dynamics.
    but… i believe maybe i have used this word before?? lol, i think it meant i was going to start’Flying” lol

  6. I am not comparing a child to a slave but you love a child and will discipline him or her for their better good.

    The same is true for a slave. Her friendship should not stop you from doing what is necessary to train or manage her as your property.. she is first a slave girl to you….

  7. this one thinks she should explain how she feels before she upsets others as far as”Best friends,
    a Master should be above and beyond her best friend.
    she is to hide nothing.
    give up all in service to Him.
    she actually owns nothing.
    she maybe privileged with things thru Him.
    do you hide nothing from a best friend?
    can you be her best friend and manage her, guide her or will feelings of adoration of her get in the way?
    love yes, but she isn’t a goddess. she is slave to a Master.
    i see where the best friend theory gives her leverage over her Master should she choose to try to manipulate. i see this can cause problems for M and s,
    but if she should try to formulate this “safeword”, then quite possibly atleast You know You are doing something right as well! lol 🙂

    • “i see where the best friend theory gives her leverage over her Master should she choose to try to manipulate.”

      Actually, my BEST friend is the one I’m least likely to try to manipulate, the one I share the most with and the one I am most likely to give everything I have to… but that’s me.

  8. Yes and once they have learnt that you can change it to the Welsh place name with 58 characters


    The name means: [St.] Mary’s Church (Llanfair) [in] the hollow (pwll) of the white hazel (gwyn gyll) near (go ger) the rapid whirlpool (y chwyrn drobwll) [and] the church of [St.] Tysilio (llantysilio) with a red cave ([a]g ogo[f] goch).

    Welsh is a language in which you must remember to roll your R’s subs !

  9. @Wayne – Wonderful suggestion.

    I am sure that ALL slaves that read your words will offer you a special thanks for suggesting it.

    Oh, I fulling agree with the rolling of the R’s. If the R’s are not rolled correctly, how would a Master know if she is saying her safeword or not?

    I enjoy teaching a slave girl useful words and this is one 🙂

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