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  1. In addition to using her vessel to serve she can also fill a vessel with problems for her master do deal with. she fills her vessel and hands it to her master. His shoulders are strong enough to handle the load. He will make the decisions to handle it and move on. He will carry the load or transfer it where it needs to go. she is free to focus on carrying a vessel to serve not focus on worry. This is another level of trust she must learn.

  2. With time and Mistress’ conditioning I learned to let go of my attachments to self and focus on her and how best to serve her. in the beginning I was the vessel that was most important to me, it’s only human, but I learned that the vessel belonged to my Mistress and I learned to focus differently. Over time I came to the understanding that Mistress was not part of my life but that my existence was contained within Mistress’ life, that I was not a vessel but that I was encompassed by hers. I no longer had a life of my own but was absorbed into Mistress’ to be used by her as she wished. My roll then was to obey, conform and submit in every way to her use and control. Now the most wonderful thing, the joy of my existence, is to hear her say “good girl” and praise my behavior. Nothing else matters now because I no longer see my self as independent I’m contained within Mistress’ vessel, her life. If I displease her in any way it devastates me.

  3. The analogy of the vessels is a beautiful expression of the services a slave offers her Master willingly and without question. She learns of his needs no matter what they are are and does not have to be told but rather carries her vessels of duty with pride and love and much honor.

    I was taken by the fact of a slave being able to also present her vassals of worries and concerns to her Master thus she can serve him more freely and openly knowing he always cares for her and deals with her problems as her owner.

    When I read something like this I think on it and wonder on it and let it seep into the depth of me and my mind heart and soul.It was very impressive to me.

  4. Well said cattatail

    I don’t need to be bullied into obedience or beat into conformity I do it willingly and with joy. I embrace my slavery, my servitude is my existence and I love the chains that bind me and I love that these things where placed upon me by my Mistress whom I love above all things. I don’t crave freedom or autonomy in fact I give them up completely to be under my Mistress’ boot heal which is where I thrive and grow. My slavery IS my freedom, my bondage IS my treasure, it is where my soul abides. My Mistress is the arbiter of my reality I am mearly a puppet in her world.


  5. @Cuffsmaster…I appreciate this article that you have posted concerning the vessel of a slave. It is very well written and holds much wisdom on this topic. You cover many different aspects of what a vessel is as it relates to a slave and her service to the Master.

    In looking at the definition of vessel it is 1) A container for holding something; and 2)A person into whom some quality is infused. There are others but these two pertain so much to the vessel of a slave. I looking at your post above, these definitions can portray so beautifully who and what a slave is in service to the Master. The slave is a strong individual but also a very compassionate, caring one.

    The statement with which you ended the article…”The beauty is not in the vessel but in the slave that carries it”…is so true. Thank you again.

  6. @Cuffsmaster: Thank you for such a touching expression of service. As a slave I felt your words deeply. I have always felt that to give just for the joy of doing so is the greatest gift in my life, and learned many years ago that to give without the expectation of anything in return has given me more than anything I could have asked for.

  7. Every time i read this, it describes me to a tee. It brings tears to my eyes. I recently lost a good friend to the choice of others stupidity. She did not die, just was swayed another way and it makes me sad. But what it brings me to is this. A slave gives her complete self to her owner. Sometimes the owner forgets the slave has wonderful feeling’s of love deep inside for many people. So just a note to Owners, slaves need interaction with other slaves and to take it away hurts both slaves dearly. I lost one i love dearly now. And that makes me cry. If my Master told me to stop all communication with my fellow slaves, i would say no and except what punishment was deemed. But then that is just me.

  8. @jessiejane

    I am sorry for the loss of your friend. A wrong owner can do much harm. It is so simple for her to carry the vessel if allowed to do it correctly.

    I agree that you don’t keep a slave-girl in isolation. I have done that (somewhat but not completely) during early training for brief periods or for punishment but never for an extended period of time. We are humans and need interaction (well most of us).

    About the vessel post…. . I was in a rare artistic mood that day. Normally, I’m in a technical, investigative or research mindset. After that was my field of work.

    However, I do admit the Vessel post was more fun to write than the Theory section LOL .. When I found the lovely images and they inspired me.


    • It was a most wonderful undertaking Sir. I love it and read it all the time.
      I was a tech writer for 24 years, before I retired, so I understand creativity. And the opposite of that. I carry the vessel all the time Sir.

  9. I don’t know how I missed this.
    @Cuffsmaster,thank you,it’s beautifully described and the images are perfect and I relate to this completely.

    jessyjane,I am so sorry you lost a dear friend. I actually don’t interact with other slaves other than online,but I feel even that is so important.
    I am not kept isolated,I tend to do that to myself.I send you healing thoughts.

  10. Beautiful piece of writing, thank you! A beautiful analogy that I completely agree with.

    Reading some of the other comments; it gives hope. For example, Claudia’s post: “I was not a vessel but that I was encompassed by hers” – that is beautiful… Right now though, I’m still too self-centered. I know this of myself, which is the first step towards change, but it’s difficult. And especially when you read something like jessyjane’s post; that’s the epitome of my worries: betrayed trust. Interaction is so important, and I learn a lot from it. I sympathize with you…

  11. A beautiful piece with beautiful pictures.
    I am a male slave serving a beautiful Mistress – metaphorically I also seek to carry the vessel, bidden or unbidden, with love and pride.
    This has inspired me to try all the harder.

  12. As a brand new slave, I was very happy to find this site, as I have many questions, however, I was thrilled to find this beautifully written article and photos. I believe it has helped me to understand more deeply how to best please my Master. Thank-You!!

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