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behavioral slave training - kneeling position - PRESENTING to her Master

Consensual slavery in the bdsm lifestyle is not about forced slavery that is supported by any Government or local code or individual abuse. The slave girl consents and willingly gives herself as property to her master.  No government on earth openly supports slavery nor should they. We in the consensual lifestyle don’t need Government laws legalizing slavery nor do we want them.  No human should be bound by force or law or have assets seized because they are a slave. To my knowledge no government now officially supports slavery.  In addition no slave should be captured against her will, that is abuse. Any form of slavery  discussed on this website is just like most modern military units; an all volunteer force.  A slave gives herself and her assets (real and personal) of her own freewill with no force of law behind it.   In addition there is no brute force used by her own to take assets or force submission.   Slavery discussed here is abound by a code of safe, sane & Consensual.

slave serving her master

Image by China Hamilton

Folks,  this is consensual slavery.  let me repeat, consensual slavery.  Even if you have a written slave contract and both signed it;  it is still consensual. and slave contracts are not legally binding in a court of law nor should they be.  Instead it is about two individuals reaching an agreement and honoring it between themselves without the use of law  or brutal force.  It is keeping your word once you agree.    It is what two people want and agree on and  practice in their daily lives.

Why is it necessary for me to state the obvious ?

Well, because an email I got.  Jesus, commons sense is out the window.

It’s scary that some would think they can use or should use legal force to take and keep a slave or seize her assets.    It is also scary if they believe is not based on consent.  A better question is why would someone submit to such a person that believes such things?  or Why would anyone want to use force?

Please Note:

If you are a member of this site and think we are about forced slavery of any type or government support of slavery;  please leave for you and your views are not welcome by me or the members of this site.  We don’t want any government helping us force slavery on anyone or seize assets of others just as we don’t want them interfering with our consensual B.D.S.M. style of life.

We don’t want physical or mental abuse of any type to maintain slavery.   The slave comes to us of their on free will.  NO force is used personally or by the government to capture or keep a slave.

In addition consensual applies ONLY to adults.  A child can’t consent to it.

Never loose sight of these guideline from the National Coalition  of Sexual Freedom


Thank you for reading my ravings on this subject.



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  1. It is obvious to me that slavery is by nature consensual, otherwise you are a prisoner and service becomes self preservation for survival. I think it is necessary to say what you have said because there are some seriously disturbed people out there. Thanks for posting.

  2. i find this funny, but needed. There are so many out there that just don’t get it. i don’t submit to Master because i have a law saying so or would i ever. Master knows i have many more assets than him, but he never ask for any and i ask to give to him such assets.
    whats is the world coming too.

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