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My new Target Whip & Dragontail for bdsm play: — 8 Comments

  1. I love that dragontail. I saw a whip I’d love to have recently, a sjambok. I loved the way it sounded, felt, and that it was short enough for someone of my stature to handle!

  2. @MistressLola Ah the sjambok; the whip of South Africa. It can be a wicked little thingee lol. I may look for one now that you have reminded me of them.

    I have seen them but never used one and sadly don’t own one. Interestingly, Wikipedia says the whip has many names and used all over Africa. I didn’t know that.

    The whip has an interesting past. It was used to control & punish slaves throughout Africa, herd cattle & home defense.

    Wikipedia tells you a lot about the whip I didn’t know. I, like most that know the name, associate it the Police forces of Africa.

    Thanks for reminding me of this wicked little device.

  3. this girl actually had just posted how much she likes whips,,even just the designs, look and feel “,and feel of them.” lol

    she was trying to recall the name of the whip used on her the last time,a couple of weeks ago, during play at a local dungeon and she knew her friend who is a Top to her as well,chose not to use the snake whip in public because its no always accurate. she knew gallywhips were used, but it was the ‘dragontail!’ as many saw the marks she posted on a profile in curtiousy of His work,and asked her what all had been used?

    Of course she hadn’t been watching and was rather into a serious endorphin high at the time also, but did ask what He had used later. for some reason the Dragontail slips her mind still,although she sees it frequently, lol.

    she also has a great respect and fear of whips,as to knowledge of the damage they can cause.
    so yes the “crack” of the whip, most definitely help in a serious headgame, which to this one, makes it all the more exciting and is a huge love of hers!

    Funny how she had just put, under extras, on her profile here of likes,whips, because it wasn’t on the list, and then she saw this

    Thank You for the post and pictures as well. 🙂 she was looking wishing she could touch it too!


  4. Very nice sir,
    I especially like the color combination. I am waiting for two new floggers to be delivered from some local craftsmen.
    A signal whip will be next on my wish list.
    I hope it serves you well!


  5. Read all these very fine article on whips which one will draw a little blood without seriouse scaring I don’t want my slave looking like hildy of django. But I would like a little to show for my effort and her submission and what’s a good paddle for the best reddest ass?
    Thank you Mr.CBK

  6. I would love to be on the receiving end of one of these whips/floggers in the hands of someone who really knows how to use them. But, the anticipation …. so exciting.

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