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B.E.S.T. on TV News about Non- Consensual slavery in North Dakota — 9 Comments

  1. On the local News program they succeeded to sensationalize the story by acting as if B.E.S.T. was seeking to make someone feel inferior.

    They completely misquoted the concept and I would suspect intentionally with malice of forethought.

    In the theory section B.E.S.T. says that Inferiority has a different meaning than is used today and I clearly define it in detail. One strives to overcome it not seek it. In part I say

    inferiority means that you feel that you can improve an aspect of your life if you become better at a task, knowledge or skill. In other words, you strive to get better at a task you are weak at or have little knowledge of. – See more at: http://bestslavetraining.com/theory-and-practive-slave-training/theory-slave-training/#sthash.jukBRcVW.dpuf

    I have never in all my years attended or even heard of a meeting where Husbands gathered for the purpose of using abuse to force a wife to obey them against their will. That is insanely inaccurate. Yes, people in the lifestyle meet at restaurants once a month for so but that has nothing to do with swapping abuse stories or tactics.

    Yes, there are predators that seek out prey in all walks of like but that does not define that walk of life nor does it define ours.

    This was a great drama story and I am sure she hopes it launches her to great professional heights. Sadly, it may because it tells a story people want to hear instead of reality. There is not an organized community anywhere, to my knowledge, that advocates force in such a disgusting way as she describes.

    What the reporter described about the abuse the woman received, if accurate, was over the top sadist behavior that clearly would be described as mentally dysfunctional by the APA or anyone else and is illegal as domestic violence and or some form of assault. That does not define BDSM or more in particular B.E.S.T. or its intent or use by anyone I know.

  2. my bottom line…..is this a safe site to belong to??? i would hate for the news to get hold of my private information and know that i enjoy being who I am.

  3. it is safe as we can be so in this modern world.

    But I do understand why you fear based upon the reactions of the reporter in ND. I really don’t understand how hardly any of the standard practices of reporting were followed. Well, at least, the standard I learned in school so many years ago. I understand news has changed with MSNBC and Fox News but still ..

  4. Sir,
    This is very upsetting because I know how much you talk about consent, trust and safety.

    Abuse is abuse. This guy is horrible, but that does not mean that people attending a local munch are abuse subs.

    Munches are a good places to go and get good advice, not tortured. I can’t see that happening at all.

    I would be afraid to go talk to the News crew that wrote this piece. I think you should call the NCFS they are use to dealing with this kind of crazy press.

  5. Thank you milk cow.

    I am not saying she was not abused in fact I believe she was.

    If there is a group that meets with intent to abuse they need arrested and prosecuted. It is possible but I have never seen such a group and is NOT a group following anything near standard bdsm practices.

    I advocate using the standard bdsm practices and always have. It is the way I was trained. you are correct I push safe practices.

  6. Hi everyone

    I know Cuffsmaster and have received training in his home. I know that nothing claimed in that story applies to him or his views on the website.

    I live a long way from you and would feel safe traveling to be around you any place or time.

    I know your slave “r” and KNOW she was a very strong self-image. You, Sir, encourage her to be successful.

    slave e

  7. wow,this is a tragedy for this woman but also for those of us whom actually find security and peace in this Lifestyle,
    i had no idea this had happened.
    i started in this Lifestyle before it became a mainstream internet world, on and off since the 90’s and have tried a few other sites.
    i feel privileged to have found this one,as it’s very informative.
    i hones feel safer here than on FB,Myspace or even Google ÷ and there is no comparison to the other BDSM websites i’ve been on.this is so much more well managed. i love reading the articles and i am so sorry that this atrocity occurred to this site.
    its terrible but i see its still here and i am thankful to have found it.
    i usually have a lot to say but this has puzzled my mind as after my very first few minutes here.i knew w/o doubt it was safe.
    what about our rights to consent to slavery?
    its a choice of a way of life.
    this actually sickened me that someone could be so outlandish and presumptive w/o fact trying and quite possibly could have destroyed lives.

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