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An article about a slave’s use of “slave-speak” and BDSM slave training.  Training a slave to use proper speech when addressing their Dominant or Master.  It is common practice for a consensual slave in the bdsm lifestyle for a Master to control how, when, where & is slave speaks.  This use of her voice is owned by her Master.

Below is the article:

Dear Group,

This is a topic of interest to some, contraversal to others and of no interest to a few, but important to Mistress and Her girl. This one does hope that You find something in it to tickle Your imagination or spark some deep thoughts about the lifestyle, slavery and slaves.

This essay may be freely distributed as long as it is complete, credited, and in it’s PDF format.

We give our best wishes to All.


Slave to Ms Melinda

Why Use Slave-speak?

As this girl meets people, one of the first questions usually asked is “Why do you speak the way you do?” Although the answer may seem obvious to many people in the WIITWD lifestyle, it is really more complex than a cursory inspection may reveal.


What is Slave-speak?

Slave-speak, a language traditionally used by servants and slaves, has roots dating back to antiquity. The earliest references to slave-speak, ones research found, was a law written on a clay tablet in Mesopotamia in the 23rd century BC [or is it BCE/BM or

maybe BS?][1]. The language fell out of general usage in the late 18th century and the last reference to the usage of Slave-speak one found was by the servants of upper-class English royalty and lords in or about 1790 AD[2]. In the original form, Slave-speak

was considered the opposite of Pluralis Majestatis or “The Royal We,” and was used to further the separation of social classes, particularly between slaves and freemen.

In a girl’s own training Mistress never referred to this style of speech as “Slave-speak,” she simply labeled it “Proper Speaking.”

She had many firm ideas of how a slave should communicate with Her, or any other Dominant, and most of Her ideas stemmed from either 18th century Europe or Aristotelian Greece. The concept is basic: a slave does not belong to him- or herself, negating the use of “I”, “My”, “Me”, etc. All first person references are eliminated and considered contradictory to their situation. In other words, a slave has no self of their own to which to refer. In this girl’s experience, the singular, first person pronouns are “off limits,”however, the plural forms are used to convey Mistress with her girl.


Learning and Unlearning.

A girl’s training unknowingly began with “How to address Mistress Properly.” Mistress had asked a girl a question and she replied “Yeah.” Mistress then, with eye to eye contact, stated “I prefer yes or no rather than yeah or nah.” This girl acknowledged with “OK.” It might be obvious to the reader that this girl had missed the point. Again with eye contact, she said, “I do prefer yes Ma’am.” With that, a girl was starting to get it and answered “Yes Ma’am.” Mistress smiled, patted one’s hand, and said “Good girl.” That was the first “good girl” that this one had ever received and it felt very good, making this girl’s spirit soar with that approval.

Once a girl was under contract with Mistress, her formal training began. A great many things started to happen simultaneously. This one’s first formal lessons were in the art and use of proper speech. Additional lessons included anger management and self control, just to name two; both of which had to do with proper speech. “What would anger management and self control have to do with proper speech?” You might ask. Because of a girl’s habitual cursing and rebellious attitude, proper speech could not be achieved when either speaking in anger or cursing. Mistress had to teach Her girl how to redirect her anger into useful energy and to control her tongue by controlling her mind. Even though this girl had much to learn, she found that she had an even greater amount to unlearn. An example of the unlearning this girl had to undergo was redirecting thoughts from her self to thoughts of others instead; putting someone else before one’s self in thought and deed. This girl was no longer an “I” or a “Me”, she was now Mistress’s girl. This was the first step in learning to control her self and this one credits Mistress’s training in proper speech with much of her success as a slave and a person.


Why Slave-speak?

When speaking to Mistress, using proper speech makes one choose her words carefully and helps her embody a slave girl’s perspective. When a slave realizes the depth that the Dominate/submissive relationship can reach, she starts thinking and acting as a slave. As this realization dawned on her, she became accustomed to the acceptance and love from Mistress, there by allowing her anger to subside and her urge to rebel diminished. In a nutshell, it all has to do with controlling the mind, either by Mistress or

Her girl. Slave-speak constantly reminds a slave of her condition, status and responsibility and the nature of it compels one to consider respect, honor and dignity when addressing one’s dominant. It reinforces the Master-slave relationship by enslaving the mind via words and thought. The humility that proper speech brings helps remove the traits of self-centeredness and selfishness, by giving the focus of one’s thoughts to another. The most important reason why is very simple: because Mistress finds it pleasing. Through several years of training and constant attention, proper speech has become second nature to this girl. It now takes as much or more concentration not to use slave-speak than it did to actually master its use. One also finds it easier to write Slave-speak than to verbalize, because writing allows for correction, whereas one cannot undo the spoken word. The true test is serving one’s Owner every day pleasingly.

When answering that most asked question “Why do you speak the way you do?” one’s environment and company must be taken into consideration. Within the vanilla world, this girl has answered with everything from “one is a slave girl,” to “I am from France ,” the pat answer given by Beldar of Conehead fame when pressed where he was from. It maybe surprising to some that both answers receive similar responses, mostly a smile and an “Ok.” The WIITWD community is, for the most part, very accepting and it is usually sufficient to say “Because Mistress desires her to do so.”

We invite comments and constructive pro-con debate on this subject. A girl neither debates nor justifies Mistress’s commands.

susan Black


Slave to Ms Melinda

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