A Simple Thank You



For knowing when I’ve disobeyed,

My tender skin You lightly flay.

Uncompromising rigidity of slender stick,

I do my best to let no sound slip.

My guilt is a weight I gladly bear,

Your punishment administered with common care.

Thank you, Master.

For being there through all my woes,

Taking pain away with a kiss on the nose.

Reminding me who loves me most,

Wrapping me in a hug, pulling me close.

Kissing my pitiful tears away,

And making the world stay at bay.

Thank you, Master.

For knowing exactly what I need,

Lovingly bringing me to my knees,

Eager to serve, eager to learn,

Anxious to please, waiting my turn.

Bending my mind and body to our will,

Driving me insane with desire, ready to kill.

Thank you, Master.

For every word that passes Your lips,

For every thrust of Your powerful hips,

For every caress of a well-placed hand,

For showing me You’re an amazing man.

Thank you, Master.

For running caring hands all over my body.

For treating me like a Playboy hottie.

For kissing me like it’s Your last day on earth,

For laughing with me, enjoying my mirth.

Thank you, Master.

For all the words I cannot express — a simple Thank You is probably best.