Poems by slave diane carroll


The kitchen scents

of apple pie and homemade soup fills the air


for soft rain drops of lecture to begin.

wind reeds through whispering trees,

rain pouring in sheets of golden leaves

ripple fills the gutters.

between our words of a cup of sweet tea

achille ripples through her soul of the up and

coming change.

Autumn dust

children’s laughter

skims of the lake.


Taken’ down into the cavern of passions

guided by Your voice.

Your strong voice binding to the

depths of a slave’s soul.

Lost in this wind of desire.

Breathing in Your scent.

All in life is ecstasy a livening tree

growing bright with lustful apples.

Pure existence in cried shed so long ago

Ten thousand words spin shedding

the old with the new.

Each stroke of living sea driving deep

into surrendering onto You.


By drip.

A slave falls into You

Gypsies life

Come and hear ye flute

Come and joy and thee dance!

Spinning silks of different colors shade

in the moons and fires light.

Velvet dark as shadowed figures in thee night

Gold and even silver shall buy your future

Cards of faded ink

Caravans by the campfire glow in hearts beat.

Keeping ye secrets is a gypsies style.

Restlessly, we go our own way

we are not meant for hearths nor a town.

Whirling dancers enchant of fires eyes

centuries have gone by but nay shall

tame us as of yet my friend!

Life’s Dance

When in the eyes of the spirit, within,

cloth rise dancing each breath that

she sighs in joyful ,taste of

passion thee crave.

Embrace thou side of butterflies

magic dancing in ye belly

sing to the sky and please thee Man

who winks at You from a across the fires rage

a caress of thou face and the

beast shower with tear drops kisses

of sweet lust,

let ye long journey ventured and

have peace minds onto Earths

breast, set and watch the dancing fires leap

and watch thee dancing fires

leap and sing to ringed

moon and taste ye pleasures in a

woman who takes ye hand

and brings Your desires to life.

Hearts rest

Silent acknowledgments exchanged,

a love, a trust for her Sir,

a beginning to renew a soul to please

with all her might, far too many hearts beating as one

glowing eyes of embrace hidden

deep into her slave soul

touching a heart and trying to

pick just one to share the midnight

slumber, hearing You name gives chills

of sweet design in ones souls

where does this path lead?

Awaken mind to the possibilities of each spirits

drifting closer yet

to connect while there apart.

Autumn poems

Autumn sleep not wake, dawn

everywhere to hear a blue bird.

Night come of the wound of wind and rain

who may know how many leaves may

fallen in the midnight hours?

Friends prepared a meal of chicken

invited to join them at His farm house

the small village yellow is surrounded by green trees.

Blue hills slope up behind the villages walls

the window opens onto the vegetable Garden

where holding wine, we talk of things

we are looking forward to autumns changing ways.

In Autumn rain, the grasses are

covered by leaves,

below the steps, the trees color is fresh.

Full golden trees cover the stems like feathers,

and countless flowers bloom like yellow coins

the cold wind, meaning, blows against You fiercely,

Thee fear it will be too hard to stand in the wind,

upstairs the Man lets down His white long hair,

He faces the wind, breathes

the fragrance, and weeps.

The autumn’s winds blowin’ swirling wind rain,

The four seas and eight deserts

join together in one large cloud.

A horse go riding on ringed bells

dance in joyful wind of its tail whipping

around in rage, of the up and coming storm.


Passion ribbon into Your soul

seeking a touch to bathe in Your

scent, to serve Your godly form

unicorns of roaming flowering

hovers team like wild

gardens dwelling in lust of Your

control weaving in Your

fantasies matching eyes

of exotic sensual silk

horn’s blow and

roaming gardens bathe

in Your Kings form,

a beg cannot submit

winters heat begs to be

warmth of Your body