Poems by Master Darren



Hair a toss ‘round crimson cheeks

The gag, moist on trembling lips

A small bird’s rapid breath

snubs back her weeping

Red-raised welts brand gentle flesh

caressing nipple, thigh and crease

Pale blue eyes once cool, aloof

now burn with new found flame

Her molten gaze struggles up

and stokes the fire within me

then drops in desperation

with passion’s goal denied

Two muffled words I hea

bring joy to my heart,

“Please, more.”


I recognized her as

she held her place in concentration,

off within a world her own

devoid of all but that next stroke to come.

Her eyes in deep ecstatic expectation

danced behind long fluttering lashes


for a few short moment’s flash.

Sweet, sweet lips I once had known

flowed as honey to a smile

the likes of which I never caused.

A snarling hiss.

A gun shot?

My once beloved rose on tip toe

head reared back with lips I’d loved

apart as in receiving.

She stood, on tip-toe

paralyzed in pain,

arms outstretched, embracing air

but dared not reach to soothe

the fire burning.

In a moment – breath returned,

to her at least.

Mine had left me for all time.

I lurched to save her from this madness but,

before my leaden legs propelled me

that smile returned.

A laugh, yet new to me

 ubbled up from some protected well spring

deep within her

setting all things strangely right once more.

My love leant forward

placing hands spread widely

on the table as before

and bent, re-offering red streaked cheeks.

A happiness I could not bring

glowed about that angel face

while tears in rivulets flowed

upon her alter.

My heart, the one I would not let her touch,

now ached in knowing what that man,

through torment had discovered

and I had not the courage for the hunt.

When, by mercy, it was done

the whip laid down beside

he took her roughly,

threw my love upon the ground

and dared her look but to his face with adoration.

Her perfect form a hapless toy

shook as if ashiver

daring not but vain attempt

to crawl upon all fours

into his evil eyes.

I died a little more as he disdainfully

turned away

leaving my most cherished

there to follow on raw bended knee.

At last he turned to look down

there upon her begging,

pleading, tear streaked face.

A single harsh word from him issued

whereupon she lurched into herself

convulsing in a spasm of commanded ecstasy.

In view of all she writhed

singing satisfaction’s song in low

and urgent tones.

So brutally her pleasure clawed

at my just opened wound.

I bled.

My heart lay shredded on the floor behind her.

For in this way he made her cum (come),

and I…I, had (to) let her go.