Poems about the bdsm lifestyle and slave training by Cuff’s toy.   All based on life experiences of toy.

BDSM lifestyle & slave training poems by toy

the touch of her Master’s hand

is presence

brings a happiness and joy

into her life

unlike any other

His voice

commands her body to do

what no other can command her to do

speaks the kind of love

that only He can give

His scent

lingers upon her memory

keeping Him with her always

the sparkle in His eyes

when His slave is allowed

the pleasure of gazing into Them

lingers in her memory like

the twinkling of the stars in the heavens

 His smile

touches her within

letting her know His pleasure, His pride

His joy, His love

oh but His touch

the touch of her Master’s hand

sends a thrill throughout her soul

a tremble throughout her body

a quickening within her heart

a stirring within her innermost being

that only the touch of her Master can do

it stirs within her the fires of slavery

of wanting to please and serve

it stirs within her that ancient desire

to give of her all

to the One who owns all


tear drops

like dew upon the lilies

fall upon soft fles

sad eyes

dark shades of hazel

like the leaves of fall

broken soul

sad heart

burdened mind

like that of the those who live

but not really

who live in the darkness

and never touches the light

in the dark silence

slips off to sleep

dreaming, reaching for the light

always just out of reach


her awakening~ dedicated with love ~~to her sister

like a virgin

pure and beautiful

bound upon her flower strewn bed

she lies in wait

her eyes closed

her breasts rising and falling with her breath

her lips part at the touch

meeting the kiss with gentleness

oh the sweetness of that kiss

beautiful and angelic

her flesh trembles at the touch

soft moans slip from her lips

as her breasts are suckled

her rosy soft nipples responding


as soft lips and tongue

gently swirl around



more moans

as a trail of cool wetness

makes it way down her soft belly

teasing her belly button

passing downward to her parted thighs

the sweet scent of her sex

filling the air

electrifying ~~sweet

her hips lifting upward to meet the kiss

the kiss upon her clit

gentle ~soft ~slow

sliding downward between

warm, silken lips

tasting her sweet honey

the moans growing louder

another joins her

as the sweet honey fills her mouth

again the kiss upon her clit




cupping lips about her

as she shudders in orgasm

her honey pouring forth

spilling into the lips that pleasured

offering that sweet drink

two bodies

lying softly against each other

holding each other

her body still shuddering

as the orgasm lingers

the awakening of her sister

the sweet glorious gift

of her precious honey

shared together

Poems by cuff’s toy


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