by Ropes, Chains and Serving

by: raven usher

The shades are drawn

my choices gone

The night, begun churning

Alone for now

i don’t know how

i’ve come to this yearning

The room is dark

And furnished stark

A cross in the corner

The chains that clink

The ropes that sink

Into skin with fervor

i cannot see

my eyes will be

Covered most relentless

Without a gap

The blindfold wraps

i won’t see my Tempest

my wrists are bound

No freedom found

Drawn high up above me

The cuffs that bite

Steel tempered might

Hold secure their duty

Thick leather bound

my ankles round

The bar spreading widely

But still held more

Secured to floor

i hang stretching idly

i make no sound

Silence surrounds

Soft whimpers and groaning

my jaw held tight

Against all fight

Gag leaves only moaning

Beyond closed door

Past miles of floor

Soft voices discussing

As night gets late

Terms of my fate

my pulse swiftly rushing

Though i can’t see

Objects that be

Hanging ore’ the room round

The tools of pain

That come to rain

On my skin with sharp sounds

The waiting hard

For any shard

Of leather that bites me

How long i’ve hung

From ceiling’s rung

The time has escaped me

The door unlocks

The sound sends shocks

Of anticipation

Things to be felt

That raise the welts

Lustful pain sensations

Footfalls explore

Across the floor

No word has been spoken

Throughout the room

The lurking doom

The silence unbroken

i hear the sound

Of objects found

For pain – tools of passion

Then back near me

Time come to be

Her toy, Her possession

Lust being fed

Skin turning red

Sweet pain rushing through me

Gag-muffled screams

Fulfilling dreams

Beg for Her to use me

Welts rising high

Bruise-colored thighs

The session exquisite

Deep redness wins

Heat from my skin

Such a scalding visit

i hang there spent

my strength all lent

To whip, crop and flogger

The session run

my will be gone

my body is for Her

i am helped down

my limbs unbound

i lay on the cold floor

She leaves me there

To others’ care

Tonight there is no more

Once on my feet

She speaks to me

A good pet i have been

Sent on my way

til the next day

Chance comes to serve Her whim

submissive life

That blossoms ripe

Wishing pain and hurting

The life i lead

i have been freed

By rope, chains and serving


property of Chelle & Annah