Ultimately, the perfect slave brings pleasure to the Master by serving him in whatever manner he desires. The perfect slave should know her Master intimately, enabling her to anticipate his needs and desires, without ever being presumptuous. Those needs and desires encompass intellectual stimulation and conversation, physical pleasure and emotional support.

The perfect slave would become educated on the subjects that interest her Master and be able to discuss those things with him as he wishes and expresses a desire to do so. The perfect slave values education and intellect and considers learning and personal growth to be valued and desired by her Master.

The perfect slave understands that there are many forms of physical pleasure, of which sexual pleasure is but one. A slave should learn what pleases the Master physically and become adept at providing that pleasure. The list might also include such things as massage and sensual touch, favorite foods, textures, clothing, colors, gifts and scents. The slave must make herself and her Master’s environment pleasing to all of the five senses.

The perfect slave knows her Master so intimately that she is in tune with his emotional state of mind and knows what it is that he needs at any given moment. She should be completely loyal and supportive, lifting up her Master and bringing him great joy and satisfaction. He should leave her presence feeling ministered to and beloved.

Lastly, the perfect slave has no secrets from her Master. The Master knows his slave better than all others and it is expected that there be complete trust and honesty in the relationship. The slave serves her Master out of the freedom that comes when there is nothing to hide, and she serves with love and passion.

by anon