Below is an article submitted by Master Stuart that was written by his slave about slavery, slave training and bdsm.

My thoughts on slavery

by Master Stuart’s pet

Ok first things first. My name is pet and I am a collared slave. I have always known what kind of relationship I wanted. I have always known that I wanted to be owned. What I didn’t have a clue about was how to meet the kind of man, who could give me what I needed. The one time I came close I couldn’t trust the person enough to give myself fully. So it crashed and burned. Then the man who is now my Master came back in to my life. We had had a relationship a long time ago that ended suddenly. It hurt me deeply at the time but he was, and is, the only man I have ever trusted and loved.

bdsm lifestyle | safe and sane. slave training guideMy Master has been a Dom for a number of years. He introduced me to the idea of being his sub very gently. I for my part jumped at the chance. The relationship I had always wanted, with the man I had always loved. It was heaven. The speed that my submission developed and the speed I completed my formal training surprised us both. My Master says I am the best sub he has ever trained. A comment that still makes me glow with pride whenever I think about it. But it was the depth of my submission that really got the “gob smacked of the year award” I went down faster than the Titanic.

When I was deciding whether or not to become a sub my Master told me to read everything I could on the subject. So I hit the Internet. Some of the sites I found where very good, some where complete dross. And some just gave me nightmares.

One site in particular kinda freaked me out. It was a site about ‘internal enslavement’. This site detailed how to completely enslave your sub without her knowing what you where doing. It was cold and calculating, talking about the sub as if she where a thing and not a person. To my mind it was informing Dom’s how to steal their subs. The word consent didn’t get a mention anywhere in the whole article

The conversation with my Master after reading it, however, was to come back to bite me on the bum a couple of months later. I told him that that could never happen to me. I would notice if I began to slip that far. I told him I was more that happy being a sub and would never become a slave.

“Ha! ” 3 months later I found myself thinking ‘hmm this slave thing really appeals to me. I must explain that my Master’s ‘thing’, as he puts it, is pyschological domination. He is a kind and gentle Master. Who uses pain only as a reward. His knowledge and insight, in respects of my mental well-being, astound me almost daily. He was able to see what I could not.

I was so close to giving myself to him completely, and I didn’t even realise what was happening. So he made me aware. He instructed me to consider the step I was about to take, very carefully.

At my Masters behest I hit the net again and did a more thorough search. This time on ‘consensual slavery’. What I found was truly wonderful. Intelligent articulate women saying all the things I was thinking and feeling. It was a kinda ‘light bulb moment’. I read what these self-confessed slaves had written and agreed with almost every word. I had finally found out who I was. I was a slave. The only problem now was to work out just how the hell I got here. My journal helped greatly in getting the steps I went thru clear in my head. I have also been able to voice my opinions, when asked, to my Master. Who has now told me to write them down.

So here I am. Sat at my computer with only a dancing paper clip for company. Wondering just how the hell I can sound as intelligent and articulate as the authors of all the wonderful articles I have read.

Now to the reason I am writing this.

1) My Master told me to.

2) As I said, some of the sites I went to were dross. The information was misleading at best. And some of it was even down right dangerous.

These are just my views on becoming a slave.

The first thing I will say is it isn’t easy. The best definition I can come up with is it’s like trying to nail smoke to a wall. Even if you are a natural there are some things that will go against everything you think and feel. Handing yourself completely 100% to another, 24/7 may sound like heaven, and in most respects it is. But the flip side to that is you are handing yourself 100% to another, 24/7. Confused?

One of the things I had trouble with was the whole definition thing. When did you stop being a sub and start being a slave? I now think it is all about what you accept and when you submit. A sub has greater choice in the ‘what and when’ bit. She accepts submission but she sets the limits in regards to what she will and will not do. Her Dom, in turn accepts the limits she sets. As a sub, I allowed my Dom to take control for as long as I wanted. But the power balance returned to 50/50 when the playing was over.

As slave I accept only obedience. It is my Master who sets the limits. I have handed over complete control, permanently. Obedience has become my primary focus. My happiness now comes from serving my Master.

Absolute trust and communication are the most important elements in a Master/slave relationship. When you hand over complete control to your Master, trust is the only thing you have left to call your own. The only way trust is first built then maintained is with honest communication. Learning to talk to your Master, answer his questions honestly and fully can be uncomfortable. Telling my Master all the things he wanted to know was hard for me. Some of the thoughts and emotions he wanted me to talk about made me feel very uncomfortable. With his help I was able to work through why they made me feel the way they did. And then, lay them to rest. As I said my emotional well-being is very important to my Master. But my Master needs to know me completely, the good and the bad. If he is keep me safe and well. To this aim my Master reads my journal. He says it gives him an insight into what is going on in my head. It helps him to ensure my needs are being met. It also gives him valuable clues to how happy I am in my enslavement. Though I have to say right now, do not use your journal to leave clues for your Master. Topping from the bottom or trying to direct your Dom will only end up in punishment. If you are going to let your Master read your journal just be open and honest. Trust that your Master will see what he needs to see and act upon it only if he sees fit. See it all comes back to trust.

Complete surrender is hard. I won’t kid you about that. For me the ability, and desire to surrender, came from the trust and belief I have in my Masters love and ability to keep me safe. I am now at the point where the only thing I have left to surrender is my ability for free thought. My ability to leave my Master having long gone. Here is another spot the difference between a sub and a slave thing.

A sub can walk away. For a slave, the thought of leaving her Master becomes unthinkable. Something on the same level as eating her own spleen, or selling her kids. Nothing prepared me for the shock of this realization. One thing I had said from the start of our relationship was that if my Master ever slept with another girl, the relationship was over. Luckily my Master has accepted my need to be in a wholly monogamous relationship as a valid need and not a want. So he will respect it. But 4 weeks ago he asked me how I would demonstrate my inability to leave him. And asked me to think of the worst thing I would go thru to do so. The big shock came when I realized that even if he did sleep with another girl I wouldn’t, couldn’t leave him.

The more cynical amongst you will be thinking that would give my Master the go ahead to do just that. But as I keep saying my mental well-being is important to my Master. So I trust that this will never happen. Now the only thing left, as I said, is my ability for free thought. This one will take some doing.

For as long as I can remember I have had an analytical mind. I over think things and send myself round in circles. My Master wants to direct my thoughts and remove my need to make decisions. This is a direct question to the would be slave.


Will you be happy giving your Master this amount of control?

This will be asked of you. For most people the chance to revert back to the almost child like state this suggests would sound like heaven. Who wouldn’t want to give up the need to think about bills and the mortgage? For a short time. Then the desire to regain their independence would take over. For a slave there will be no chance to regain the control once it has been given up.

Your Master, if he is a good one will make sure you will only lose the confidence in your decisions, but not take away the ability to make them. My thoughts have not been entirely my own for some time now. My Master has ordered me not to think deeply about our relationship. As he gains more and more control of my thoughts I will be like an intruder in my own head. I am trying so hard to comply with my Masters wishes. It is so hard but with practice I know I will be able to comply. And I thank him from the bottom of my heart for the permission to think as deeply as I need to for the purpose of this article.

One important thing to remember is, although you have no right to an opinion your Master will, on occasion, ask you for one. You must comply fully with his request. Open and honest communication is vital. I can’t stress this enough. Though even after your opinion has been given, the final say rests, quite rightly, with your Master.

Just a quick word about boundaries. You still have them even when you make the decision to become a slave. The hard boundary soft boundary thing stops. But some boundaries are just absolute. Your Master could not, for instance, order you to go and rob a bank. Anything that would put you outside the law or contravene a closely held moral stance should not be obeyed. On one site I saw a Dom had written how he ordered his slave to work as a prostitute. He gave two reasons for this. 1 she had not enjoyed, to his satisfaction, being made to sleep with four of his friends. So needed to be put in her place And 2 he was short of cash that week. This is not the action of a Master. This man was an abuser of women and was not worthy of the title Dom.

For me any order that would affect my ability to care for my children or anything that would put me outside the law are deal breakers. If my Master ever did either of those I would leave. Now you are scanning back up the page. To paragraph 7, thinking ah but didn’t she say she couldn’t leave her Master? Yes I did. My Master and myself decided this jointly. Like I have said, my Master is very, very good at the psychological side of domination. The second he does one of the aforementioned deal breakers I get everything back. My confidence in my decisions. My ability to see a life without him and my ability to leave him. I can hear your eyebrows rising right now. You are asking how can he do this? The honest answer is, I don’t know. But I do know he can.

This is the man who implanted subliminally in my head a cheesy love song, it was ‘cupid draw back your bow’, and then have it stick in my head for a couple of days, before telling him about it. All this was done without my knowledge. If he can do that I do not doubt he can give me back my ability to leave. All I want to say about boundaries is:

You are a slave. You are not above the law and neither is you Master.

There is one thing that will always floor a new sub. Masters do mess up. They have feet of clay just like the rest of us. The good Masters are separated from the bad ones by how they deal with this fact. A bad Master will not admit he is wrong. Any hitches or problems will be attributed to the slave or sub. Any fuck up’s will not be acknowledged. A good Master will, however, know his limitations and accept that from time to time he will make a mistake. Anything that harm’s the slave will result in an apology and loving aftercare. Remember, you deserve nothing less. Ask what would happen if your, prospective, Master made a mistake. If he say’s ‘ he never makes them’ run for the hills and don’t look back.

Anything worth having is worth working for. My granddad told me that. I’m not sure he meant it to be used in a M/s contest but it works. My Master often commends my devotion to my submission. But to be honest, you wont get far without it. The changes you will have to make to become a slave will not happen over night. Nor will they happen by themselves. This degree of submission has to be worked at. But if you have a good Master you will have all the motivation you will ever need. Your Masters needs come before your own. This is another, according to some, difference between subs and slaves.

As a sub my thoughts where, roughly, 70/30 on my Masters needs. This, after a while, didn’t feel right to me. As a sub you have the right to consider your own needs. If you make the decision to become a slave that will all change. Like I have said before, my happiness comes from serving my Master. He alone gives me all I need. With him I feel loved, safe and cared for. And I in turn belong to him, mind, body soul and spirit. The good thing is devotion and commitments go both ways.

The little understood fact of a relationship like ours is that just as I am bound to my Master he, in turn is bound just as completely to me. His commitment to me is as complete as mine is to him. My collar is more binding and more permanent than any wedding ring could ever be. Master pointed something out to me a few months ago. Just as he has removed my ability to leave him. He has, voluntarily, given up his right to leave me. This may not be true of most Masters. But my Master thinks it would be grossly unfair to disrespect my enslavement and my gift to him by not treating our relationship as something precious and valuable. I will be eternally grateful to him for this.

In amongst all the big changes you are making, please don’t loose sight of the small things. There will be many wonderful things that will happen to you. Things that, on first inspection, might not seem like very much. But the more you think on them, the more you will see them for what they are. One thing that will always stay with me is the night my Master gave me my cushion. It was a special moment for me. Sitting at my Masters feet always felt right. This was not something that my Master ordered or demanded of me. It was my decision – one, I have to say, he liked greatly. It meant all the more to him because the choice was mine. For me it was a small gift, but freely given. Buying me my cushion showed he accepted and valued it, and that he was concerned about my comfort.

If you do decide consensual slavery is for you I urge you to read all you can before you make the leap. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say. Talk to your Master, if he is worth anything he will make sure you know what you are getting in to. That you are not getting carried away with some romanticised ideal of what slavery is. This is one of those things, which once said cannot be unsaid. My Master would not accept me as his slave until he was sure. First sure I fully understood what being a 24/7 real time slave would be like. Secondly, until he was sure I really wanted it and would be as happy as I currently was as his sub. You have to be sure it is for you. But if you do decide it is for you then may you be as happy and loved as I am now.

On the 29-1-05 I became my Masters slave. On the 12-2-05 I was given my permanently locked silver collar. There is no way for anyone, including my Master, to remove this collar without the use of bolt cutters. Both of these events will remain the happiest memories I will ever have, and will carry them in my heart and mind forever.


Master Stuart’s Pet