Master Sir

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 I felt your love go through me, when the

candle dripped slowly onto my milky skin

I knew how deep your love was for me

as the flames become one

with my sweetness

You have molded me into a slave

I can’t deny.

One drop has me bound as I become wild.

Two drops sent me into ecstasy as my

orgasm climb over the edge.

The thorns pricked my skin and dropped blood

from my wetness and you suckled it away.

My hips rose and my clit met the wild thorn with


My body rose and become one with drops of fire.

I beg for more as you walk away and leave

my sweetness dripping

Master please don’t leave your slave like this

take her into the darkness of pain.

My slave I leave you

dripping for my hunger

The pain you will feel is nothing

like what I am going to give you.

The fire will dance across your body

and the candle will burn into your clit

leaving you to crave your Master Sir

You will beg me to be within you and the

pain shall forever walk with you

as you take each step


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