This is a useful article for thought about slave training and the bdsm lifestyle.  Note: (Below is a post that was on a yahoo group by one of the members. I enjoyed reading the post so much that I asked the author’s permission to include it on this site. Master Robert granted me permission and his email address is shown below if you would like to respond directly to him.)

bonsai and slave training

Bonsai Theory (slave training and bdsm):

I am always asked why I enjoy being a Master, or more directly being asked why I enjoy abusing women by those who do not understand the lifestyle. I’m sure many of you that are reading this have been faced with the same sort of questions. Varying from “Why do you like being abused” to “How do you let someone “rule” over you like that?” I have tried many times to explain this to someone until a previous 24/7 slave denise and I were tending to my second love, teaching/ training/keeping raising Bonsai Trees. After a lot of conversing W/we came up with this metaphor that seems to answer those questions, and some that seem to stir in all of our minds.

When I go looking for a potential Bonsai prospect, I go for a walk in the woods or my local nursery looking for a bush with particular qualities. Inspecting the branch and root structure, seeing if I can envision the Bonsai I desire. (Interviewing the slave, seeing if her needs and mine are compatible.) Once I find a bush that fits my criteria, I bring it home and I inspect it further, observing the bush, confirming my vision of the form this Bonsai wants to become. (discovering her limits, making sure that she has a true slave heart, and not someone in it for the kicks of it.) Once I note the things I can, and cannot change, and my vision is confirmed, training starts. (30 day trail period)

At first, the training is very drastic, and very severe. I remove the bush from its container, and break the soil from its roots; (removing them from their home environment, undoing the training of another Master, or the preconceived beliefs she may have picked up along the way.) I trim the root system and re-pot the Bonsai in my own special container. (Setting limits getting them used to my ways.)

Then I start trimming the branches that have been allowed to grow wild and carefree for years. (Rebellion, self pride, disrespect) Branches that have been rubbing against each other, causing open wounds and infections. (Internal conflict, struggling with themselves, struggling with society’s ideology and acceptance.)

Once this initial training is complete, the Bonsai needs time to heal, (to come to terms with what is happening) and let it re-establish its rooting system. (Learning to trust me). During this time, I water, fertilize, and take special care of the tree. (Nurture and love) Once these wounds are healed, it’s time to proceed with the training.

I break out my copper wire, and I bend the branches in pursuit of the Bonsai I envisioned. Now some branches are too big to do much with; there maybe something there I had not seen before and I will have to make adjustments and incorporate that into my overall design. (Respecting limits, and respecting the personality of the slave) But the smaller branches I bend and twist into the shape of my design. These wires stay in place for a long time, forcing the Tree to naturally grow into my desired shape. (Set rules, training etc.) When I am sure the Bonsai has taken on the desired shape, I remove the wire and re-examine the tree. If a desired twist or bend did not take, I reset the branch to the desired shape. (Enforcing my position over her, making sure she basically knows I’m the Master, and I won’t tolerate her defiance)

All this time, I’m always watering, and fertilizing the Tree, tenderly molding it into the Tree I know it can be. (Expressing my love towards her, ensuring that I will protect, and take care of her) Then, over a period of time, the wires are removed; the branches are flowing and well positioned. Training a Bonsai, and a slave doesn’t happen overnight, it takes years to establish a good flowing design, and a slave that is willing to surrender herself to her Master. What had once been a wild bush, is now a beautiful Bonsai. There will be more trimming, and bending to keep its form, and the Tree needs more nurturing and watering and fertilizing than a normal Plant, but nothing comes close to its beauty.

So in short, I enjoy watching a “wild bush” become a lovely “Tree” under my teachings. To watch a slave discover herself, and comes to term with the yearning that’s been in her heart but didn’t know what they were, or what to do with it. That’s what I personally get out of being a Master.

Master Robert.