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Jealousy when Master adding second slave to family – Polyamory — 3 Comments

  1. There is an enormous amount of truth to your words. Without effective and proper communication, it is so easy to fall into this trap of jealousy. Thank you for sharing your insight!

  2. I think this is a wonderful topic, my husband and I communicate very often about our feelings and any possible jealousy. I trust him complete and now that even given the chance he would never cheat or play with a sub/slave without my knowledge. We are in the process of looking for sub/slave of our own but have never actually had one. We have had a threesome with other women before and actually had some living with us at the time. The first one we had no issue and we all got along wonderfully and never had any kind of jealousy issue. My husband and I had talked prior about playing without all involved but with the knowledge of it..ie me not feeling well and him wanting to be taken care of. The second one that lived with us I actually had an issue with and I still dont fully understand why. The three of us played once and a few weeks later her and my husband play because I had a headache that day. I thought I would be fine with it and it was a new experience for me to not be involved. I did talk to my husband about it later that day when I was ready to talk about it and I did apologize for acting that way, but for some reason I couldn’t and still cant explain why I felt that way. He didnt like me feeling that way so we agreed that if there is any play going on that everyone will be involved unless its time for him and I as husband and wife. But why do I feel so bad, I mean if I dont feel good and he wants some play time why shouldn’t he be able to do it specially in the case of a sub/slave. This post is very helpfully to me so thank you for posting. And I would really enjoy thoughts, feedback, advice and or opinions that may help for the future. Thanks all

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