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slave Training: The following are some suggestions to make learning to become a slave easier:

slave training - under foot of master - bdsm lifestyle1 ) Listen, observe and ask questions during slave training. Since there are new rules and norms that may be unfamiliar to you, listen carefully to verbal communication and observe non-verbal communication carefully and try to put them in proper context. Take note of all things that please and displease your Master. If possible, observing others is a great way to learn.  slave training involves paying attention to detail.

You should not assume that you always know what is going on or that you understand what you hear or see. In order to be an effective slave, you must know what is expected of you. Failing to ask questions is often a mistake a new trainee makes. COMMUNICATION IS KEY TO SLAVERY.

2 ) Don’t overly evaluate or judge events or overly criticize yourself. You are learning a new way of doing and seeing things. Comparison to the vanilla way a relationship works does not always apply to a BDSM relationship. A slave is owned as property and as such must obey sometimes without judging the command given to her. Your Master is to become your key source of evaluation and judgment of the correctness of your actions.

3 ) Be curious. To experience slavery and to learn from it, it is important to be open to new experiences. The more you are willing to explore, the more you will learn.

4 ) Expect some anxiety and frustration. Learning to function as a slave is not easy and it is natural to feel some anxiety and frustration. If you recognize that these are normal parts of the experience, you may be able to deal with them more effectively. Openness about your feelings will also help. Learning slavery involves not only learning your Master’s rules, but it also includes learning new habits and altering some old habits. Learning new habits takes a repetitive effort.

5 ) Become involved. The more you put into the experience of becoming a slave the more you will learn from it. Take the time to study the rules your Master has established for you and practice the skills he requires of you. Don’t expect your Master to directly guide your every learning process; actively make efforts to learn and improve your skills on your own.

6 ) Be open. In slave training you will reveal your thoughts and emotions to your Master. Revealing your inner most thoughts and feelings is difficult for most people. Prepare yourself for this level of openness.

7 ) Accept criticism. You will be expected to change old behaviors and attitudes. You may very well be challenged in your actions, attitudes and beliefs. As a slave, your behavior is controlled by your Master. Therefore, you can expect him to be critical of your present behavior and expect change. 

8 ) Expect change. Your Master will re-educate you and re-orient you to fit his needs. This will require changes in your behavior, emotions and thoughts. Prepare yourself for change. Training a slave is often called a molding process. Expect to be molded as your Master desires.  Accept that change will happen and you have no choice.

9 ) Be devoted. The importance of devotion to your Master can’t be understated. It provides the foundation for future growth and is a source of pride for your Master.

10 ) Expect and accept obedience. Be prepared to learn to be obedient. A slave’s duty is to obey her Master. Often, in the beginning, you will be pushed. Obedience is a state of mind, therefore, it is learned. Obedience provides a foundation for more advances in learning and improvement of your skills. Practice being consistent in your obedience.

by Cuffsmaster


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  1. This site has been extremely helpful. Contemplating becoming a 24/7 slave and this has helped me to see what I will be trained to do and how to make it an easy transition and training. This chained slave girl is very appreciative of the information contained here and I thank you for this

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