Trust and training; The important of a slave’s Trust in her master during slave training can’t be overstated. Building trust should be a training consideration for a Master. slavery in the terms of a BDSM relationship is the conscious transference of a slave’s freedoms to her Master. She becomes his property body, mind and spirit by the means of consensual giving. Trust is necessary during slave training.

Trust is earned.   A Master can’t order his slave to trust him.  Only his actions over time allow her to trust him.  Many aspects of slave training are geared to building trust.

She must believe she can trust him with her present and future.   Only then can she truly give herself as his property.

In addition a Master must feel he can trust this slave trainee.    It is a two edged sword.

Before a slave can give herself completely to her Master she must know that she can TRUST him.

spreading chair for a slave | trust and slave training

spread her wide for use – trust


 TRUST means that she has learned that he:

1) has the knowledge and skills necessary to train her,

 2) will keep her safe,

 3) will accept ownership of her,

 4) and will structure her service in a way that she feels useful.