B.E.S.T. slave training slave positions, commands & modes. I believe in providing clear-cut rules to a slave during her slave training. I don’t think that the rules should change from day to day. She should know what is expected of her during training. Slave training is about providing stability and direction for a slave. It’s My opinion that a slave that wants to serve, obey and, please her Master. She needs a clear and easy manual to guide her in training. It is the duty of the Master to provide the path and to train and mold her for His pleasure during slave training. Training a slave is not a quick process, for there is a lot to learn.

slave rules, modes and slave positions | kneeling slave during slave trainingTraining a slave involves molding her behavior, emotions, self-image and thoughts.

Being a good slave is much more than just learning to kneel properly. It involves acceptance of her slavery and finding joy in serving and pleasing.  slave training is the vehicle used for a slave to find acceptance of slavery.


Cuffsmaster’s slave Positions and Commands taught during slave training

STAND OR UP – stand with legs 4” apart – head up – eyes down – arms at side or behind back

  • Voice Command – Stand or Up
  • Hand Command – open hand moved up


Kneel – on your knees – back straight – arms behind back with hands together – head up – eyes down

  • Voice Command – Kneel
  • Hand Command – open hand moved down with fingers together

This is the slave’s standard position


KNEEL SPREAD– on your knees – legs spread as wide as possible – feet together – push breasts out – head up – eyes down – hands behind head with fingers locked

  • Voice Command – Kneel spread
  • No Hand Command


SIT – Indian style on the floor – knees bent – legs spread and crossed at the ankles – palms up on knees – back straight – head up – eyes slightly down

Variation – if Your Master points to a chair or object and says “sit” – back straight – knees about 2 1/2” apart – hands on legs – palms down – head up – eyes slightly down. NOT SLUMPED!!

  • Voice Command – Sit
  • No hand Command unless Master points to an object to sit in


TEACH – on knees – feet together – knees 12-14” apart – sitting on heels – hands laid on legs with palms up – back straight – head up – eyes down – sitting back on heels – used in teaching and communicating items of importance during training

teach position

position of learning

  • Voice Command – Teach
  • Hand Command – Two fingers apart moving down








FACE DOWN – knees tucked under chest – head bowed – arms straight in front by head – palms down

This is a worship position and a display of obedience. You may do this on your own if there is a desire. This position is reserved for your Master unless He orders You to show this courtesy to another Master/Mistress.


  • Voice Command – Face Down or Down
  • Hand Command – Open Hand moved down with fingers apart




LAY DOWN – lay on stomach – face down – arms above head – legs spread

  • Voice Command – Lay Down
  • Hand Command – Open Hand moved from side to side

Variation – Lay Down Back – on back – arms above head – legs spread – face up – eyes down

  • Voice Command – Lay Back
  • No Hand Command


Inspection – stand legs wide apart – breasts pushed out – hands locked behind head – head up – eyes down

  • Voice Command – Inspection
  • No Hand Command


Display – Items are displayed in the following order – Breast, Pussy, Ass, Mouth

Kneel Spread Position – Offers each item in the appropriate order – waits for a nod or acknowledgement from her Master before continuing to the next item – you may also be ordered to display just one item as for punishment – “display your ass”

voice command – Kneel Spread

No Hand command



Examination – composed of 4 positions to be done in the following order:

  1. Back – on back – legs spread wide – arms above head – palms up
  2. Front – on stomach – legs spread wide – arms above head – palms down
  3. Pussy or CUNT – on back – knees bent – spread legs open with hands for exam
  4. Anal or Ass – on knees – head down – spread ass checks for exam

*The Purpose of Display and Exam are to:

  1. demonstrate the training
  2. remind the slave of her status
  3. remind the slave that her body is for her Master’s entertainment
  4. allows her Master to keep an eye on her body for any flaws in maintenance


Punishment – 2 different positions for punishing a slave

  1. Punishment Position (Knees) – on knees – head down – hands by face
  2. Punishment Position (Standing) – bend over and grab legs

Go to your corner – This is for punishment or discipline or merely to think and focus. Go to a designated corner – nose pressed to wall in kneel position. If for long period of time the slave can shift to the sit position but must keep her nose to the wall.

Go to your place – This is for focusing, studying, or to feel ownership. It is also a place sent when not in use by her Master. This is a place of comfort and relaxation.

  • Voice Command – go to your place (2 variations – face – face Master, back – back to Master)
  • Hand Command – point to the place (always back to Master)


Car Position – Can not sit on dress – legs 12-14” apart – legs are never crossed  A voice command is not needed because it is a standard positon

Follow – At the right of her Master 3-4 spaces back accept when opening doors or moving items out of the way.

Heal – leash command, but may be used when not leashed – at the right of her Master one pace back as if leashed when not.

Table  – The table position is used to prove a service for your Master.  It can be used to place tools on while working or you can use her back to eat meals off.       It is for personal service.    At time it can be very helpful to the master.  Many use this position as a foot stool but I don’t.   I use the one below which I find more comfortable.

Voice command = table

hand signal :  none

Foot Stool or Stool – On knees and elbow face down with head resting on arms.  You are facing away from your master and he lays he legs across your back.  You legs are spread so he can play with your cunt if it pleases me.  your cunt is facing your master and you head is away from him.  it is a far more comfortable stool position for the Master than the table position.

Voice command =  stool

Hand signal: none

Bondage  – Laying on her back with head turned to the right side.  Her  hands are together in the small of her back and legs crossed at the ankle (right over left).   This makes it  easy to bind her.

Voice Command = Lay then Binding

Hand signal =  none.

Over Chair Or Cover couch – This is a position that is used both for pleasure and punishment, depended on a Master’s intent.    When given them command the slave bends over the arm of a char and puts her face into the seat of the chair.    she bends at the waist.        This can be use to play with her cunt and or ass or to whip her.

Command =  It is a combined voice and hand signal command.   It involves pointing at the chair are couch arm you are order her to bend over and saying  “bend over it”     she will know from what has been happening if it is for pleasure or punishment.


slave mode (quick view)

When used:

Master may place his slave in this mode whenever he desires. This mode is used to demonstrate the true essence of slavery and to demonstrate slavery to its full extent.

Order: “slave mode” or “attention” from service mode

Presenting to Master


  1. when Master enters her presence or
  2. when she entering her Master’s presence,
  3. she desires to speak to her Master and when ordered to “PRESENT”.


The slave is silent unless directed to speak. she does not have permission to speak. If she desires to speak to her Master, she must first PRESENT and ask for permission to speak. when she is allowed to speak, she must use:

  1. “Sir” before and after in each sentence,
  2. “Sir, Yes Sir Thank You Sir” when given an order.

She must also refers to herself as a ” slave” or “Your property”. “Yes Sir” is used when she is ordered to a position such as “kneel.”

Eye Contact

Eyes are ALWAYS lowered

Furniture use (chair)

Not permitted without permission.  Must sit in floor


Water is all that is permitted without permission.


 Walk behind her Master


 Permission is required before using bathroom and door is left open.


service mode

When used:

This is the mode the slave is assumed to be in unless otherwise instructed.

Order: Service mode

Presenting to Master

she presents when her Master 1) approaches the slave when ordered to “PRESENT” or 2) when she enters the same room her Master is in or 3) when her Master enters the room she is in.


The slave is assumed to have permission to speak, therefore she does not have to PRESENT and ash permission before speaking. When she speaks she is required to use:

1) “Sir” respectfully

2) “Yes Sir” when given an order

She also refers to herself as slave or property

Eye Contact

Eyes are lowered except when in the space at her Master’s feet.

She may from time to time look at her Master to make sure His needs are taken care of.


Permitted with permission. She assumes she can’t use furniture unless told she can. Food/Drink

No alcohol without permission


Walk ½ step to the right and behind her Master.


she can use bathroom without permission, but normally keeps door open.




This is used mainly in public and is not to be abused. The slave will remain respectful to her Master, while using subtle means to display her submission to her Master. Example: casting her eyes down or serving Him food and drinks. Sitting at His feet if appropriate.

The slave is not allowed to wander off from her Master unless she asks first for permission and is given permission. The permission is given for a particular purpose only.

she will walk on the right side of her Master in this mode.

she may freely engage in conversations in public with

 1) people she knows or any person speaking to her.

 2) any person that will assist in serving her Master or any person she can assist in serving her Master.

 3) her Master and to others in public, while remaining respectful.

 4) a common greeting to others when appropriate.

 Note: If the slave is told to stand she will stand in the “relaxed” PRESENT.

This applies to BDSM settings as well. The only difference is that she is required to show a higher degree of respect by using Sir or Master appropriately.

If given a “heel” command she will stop what she is doing in public and heel by her Master’s right side.

In public, she will use the same seating rules as other modes.

In Public, she is not to use Sir, where it can be heard by others and can refer to herself as “I” or “my” – if appropriate in conversation with others. she may also refer to herself in first person when appropriate.

Any level other than the slave mode is a privilege granted by the slave’s Master. If she is uncertain what mode she is to be in –then she should go to the “slave mode”.

“At Ease mode” in private.

The primary use of this mode is for conversation for short periods.

In private, the “at ease” mode will be normally limited to conversations where the slave is sitting in front of her Master or seated beside Him for the purpose of conversations that are pleasing to her Master. The slave should feel that this is not her normal state or the best suited state to please her Master. The slave should be aware that this is not her normal mode and strive to feel more at ease in the “service” and “slave” modes. The Master, from time to time, may place the slave in this mode for longer periods of time, if He feels it is to His advantage.

A) “At Ease” mode BEHAVIOR

General use of at ease mode in private.

In this mode, the slave will use “Yes/No Sir,” when responding to a question or an order. Other examples of her conversation in this mode are: “Thank You, Sir”– “May Your slave get You ___, Sir?” – “Your welcome, Sir”– “beg Your pardon, Sir” — “This slave needs to go to the store, do You need anything, Sir?” to show respect for her Master — and “Do You wish Your slave to have some wine, Sir?” The slave may freely discuss issues with her Master, if it pleases her Master. The slave will at all times remains respectful and mindful that her primary purpose is to serve and please her Master. The reason for the “at ease” mode is for the pleasure of her Master and should be viewed as such. The slave may look at her Master in this mode and it is not necessary to say ‘Sir” before and after each sentence, but should still be used respectfully. The slave can freely worship her Master at any time in this mode, as long as it pleases her Master and does not interfere with His activities.

B) Eye Contact is permitted:

The slave may freely look at her Master in the “at ease” mode but is still expected to cast her eyes downward to show respect.

C) Disrespect or misuse of this mode may invoke punishment of the slave. The slave should always be aware of her submission to her Master and the slave cannot use this mode to contradict or debate issues with her Master.

D) If the slave is in a public place, this is the primary mode for telephone communications between a Master and His slave, unless otherwise told.

E) The slave may ask to be placed in the “at ease” mode by stating “Sir, Do You wish that Your slave be placed in the “at ease” mode for conversation, Sir?” she should thank her Master before assuming the “at ease” mode. If the subject she wishes to discuss is not obvious to her Master she should state what she wishes to discuss in the “at ease” mode. she should be mindful that her Master knows that all subjects can be discussed in a higher mode. The Master will only allow the “at ease” mode in situations where He feels that the slave will better please or serve Him in this mode.

F) Extended use of “at ease” mode, in private.

In private, the slave is never allowed to be in the “at ease” mode” for an extended period of time.


If her Master leaves the room she is in, she will upon His return, PRESENT to see if her Master wishes her to continue. If she is sure that her Master is aware that she is PRESENTING and He says nothing to her she will continue in the “at ease” mode.

The same PRESENT rules apply if she leaves and returns to the same room that her Master is in.

PRESENTING in the “at ease” mode is defined as stopping what she is doing, facing her Master, and observing Him with her arms at her side to see if He wishes her to continue.


The slave is automatically removed from this mode and will assume the “slave mode” when given any position or punishment command.

slave training can be intense and each of the above is be learned by the slave.