I train a slave to use three different slave modes or levels that a slave will learn during slave training. The modes of behavior for a slave are very basic to slave training and one of the very first things a slave will learn. The three slave modes are:

 The Three different slave MODES

1) Slave mode.

2) Service mode.

3) At-ease mode.

A mode is a taught system of behavior that is required of a slave. How a slave PRESENTS to her Master, speaks to her Master, sits, eats, and dresses is determined by pre-existing rules that is tied to modes or levels. That means that a slave is taught how to act depending on the mode I place her in.

For example, I may issues the command “slave MODE,” This would mean that the slave would assume a more restrictive speech mode and be required a more restrictive behavioral mode that requires her to PRESENT before any action she does.

I could change that by voice command “service MODE.” This would be a less restrictive speech mode for PRESENTING and speech.

A whole set of instructions are conveyed to the slave by the simple commands “slave MODE”, “service MODE”, “at-ease MODE.” Each has a different meaning that has been taught to the slave. How the slave dresses, speaks to her Master and PRESENTS are among the predetermined instructions included with the simple command.


Slave MODE:

1) INTRODUCTION: Obedience is the goal. Practiced constantly, it is the only mentality and thought that will allow a slave to develop into her slavery. These principles allow a slave to obey, at all times and in all circumstances. Living by these principles provides for becoming a slave and living as slave. The slave mode is the most important mode for a slave’s development. The slave is expected to learn and use these levels (modes) to display herself and exhibit acceptable behavior.

In general:

A) The “slave mode” is a silent mode for the slave and a disturbance of this silence is subject to punishment.

B) The slave in the “slave mode” is 100 percent under the direction and control of her Master. Almost every action requires a command.

C) The slave will always PRESENT when entering the house where her Master is, for the purpose of determining any order her Master has for her and to determine the mode she is to be in.

2) GENERAL BEHAVIOR: A slave never asks permission, nor is permitted the use of the word “may” in the “slave mode.” Either of those expressions implies that the slave could want something that the Master does not. The Master’s response then becomes one of either acquiescing to the request of the slave or denying the request. Since a slave only wants and needs what her Master wants and needs, there can be no conflict and the slave only asks the Master’s intention regarding the activity of the slave.

A slave, in “slave mode” is denied the use of many things.

A) Food/drink (water is an exception)

B) Electronics, including telephone, — exceptions: alarm clock, cooking equipment.

C) Furniture both public and private without permission.

D) Clothing (generally a slave PRESENTS herself in the “slave mode” without clothing).

E) The slave never, under any circumstances, touches the Master’s devices used in the control, discipline, or training of His slave without the Master’s permission, (Exception to rule) 1) unless the Master leaves the devices with the slave. Even then the slave is not allowed to play with the toys without her Master’s permission. She is, however, required to move, store, clean, maintain, and service any toys left with her. The toys may be inspected to determine if they are properly stored, cleaned and serviced at any time. 2) The slave may be required to use her Master’s devices while training another slave to serve Him better.

F) Anything, including clothing that the Master puts onto a slave is left on. It is considered to be locked on, and only removed by the Master or with His permission. Included are items such as hats, ropes, and collars. To remove a restraining device or anything else used in her training would be a violation of both this and the previous principle.

3) SLAVE MODE –OBEDIENCE: It is the heart, character, and fiber of a slave to be obedient. Obedience is the prompt, eager, and cheerful wanting only what her Master wants.

It is disobedient for a slave to:

A) Indulge in, express, display, or act out anger, moodiness, or any form of disruptive emotion, behavior, or thought. Such characteristics are a violation of cheerfulness.

B) Display by tone, body language, or expression her disagreement with, evaluation of, or lack of earnest acceptance of any order. It is a violation of eagerness to do so.

C) Delay beginning any action. The “Sir, Yes Sir. Thank You, Sir!” which follows any order is expressed while the action begins. Any sign of stall, diversion, creation of extra movements or behavior is a violation of promptness. The only acceptable delay is for clarification of the order.


I follow the rules of the PRESENTING Article in B.E.S.T; under Training Techniques. Requiring my current and future slaves to follow it to the letter.

I prefer the knelling position for my slaves to present. I cover the positions I like to use in: About/Cuffsmasters Domain/Speech, Positions & Modes.


A) “Master” is the Master’s role, title, and name. A slave will always refer to Him only as “Master”, “The Master”, “my Master”, “Sir”, or “my Owner” depending on how it is being used in a sentence, and to whom the slave is speaking.

 B) A slave’s reference to herself is always “Your slave” or “Your property” or “she” as a secondary reference when speaking to her Master. When speaking with others, a slave refers to herself as “this slave” and uses “she” as a secondary reference. A slave will never use the words “me”, “my” or “I”. The only exceptions are that a slave can say “my Master”, “my slave sister”, or “my slavery”

THE BASICS of slave communication:

When a slave answers a question it says: Sir, Yes Master (any description needed), Sir.  Or: Sir, Yes Sir (any description needed), Sir.

 When a slave obeys a command it says: Sir, Yes Master, Thank You Sir.  Or: Sir, Yes Sir, Thank You Sir.

A slave doesn’t ask questions in “slave Mode”. It makes a statement, for Master to answer. Sir, does Master wish its slave to go to the bathroom Master/Sir, Sir.

Complete rules I expect for speech from my slaves, or future slaves are covered under: Training Techniques/Slave Positions/Voice Training.


A) Every question a slave asks regarding the Master’s intention becomes an order once the Master answers and should be followed with “Sir, Yes Sir, thank You Sir.”

B) A slave PRESENTS herself to say with her presence that she has completed all orders, has no need for the Master’s attention, and is ready for the next order. When all current orders are complete, the slave comes within the Master’s line of sight, and PRESENTS herself. If the Master is sitting or lying down, the slave PRESENTS herself in the standard way, fully PRESENTED, on her knees. When the Master is standing, the slave has the option to PRESENT herself STANDING, but can always fully PRESENT herself whenever it feels natural. At this point, a slave may be sent the “her place” to remain until needed. The slave will quietly remain in her place until given an order. If the slave wishes to speak while in “her place” she must say “Master” clearly to be heard and await His reply.

C) Anything else may be added as is deemed important. Further, as time progresses, through her training, advice will become orders for the slave. Some of those orders will include what the slave is to do between sessions to improve her life, to prepare for or improve slavery.


In general, a slave must learn and accept all slave behavior as being normal, and learns to behave in a way that is natural-looking and feeling. Additionally, the slave always acts and responds to make the Master look “right” about the orders He gives. A slave does not respond in any way that causes the appearance that the Master has made a mistake. This is not a game of “gotcha.” The slave is allowed to ask that any order be clarified to her.

The slave is to learn to act as naturally, with the same obedience, lack of attitude, and coordination with her Master’s actions as if she was part of her Master’s body. To act any other way, is to act in a disabled, disrespectful, and disobedient way. A slave does not invite mockery or criticism, and feels none when she is doing as ordered. If the slave cannot accept her behavior as normal, it is unfair to expect the public to accept it as normal. A slave always acts with dignity, and in a way that reflects positively on her Master.

A slave stands, no matter what the circumstance, whenever her Master stands or enters the same room or space as a slave. Even if the slave has been told to “stay” or to “sit”, that order is only good until her Master next enters or stands. Exceptions: slave is told to sleep, slave is told to assume positions such as kneel or teach and is expected to hold that position.

When told to “sit”, a slave sits on the floor. That is what “sits” means to a slave. When a slave is told to “lie down,” she does so on a slave mattress or pad, not a bed. Beds and chairs are furniture which a slave is not authorized to use without being specifically ordered to do so.

A slave does not sit anywhere, at any time, without the specific order of her Master, except in an area designated as slave space (the slave’s place). That space may be designated within the Master’s home, or at any other location. If such a space is not designated, then a slave is NOT free to sit. Even when in the slave space, if the Master enters that space, the slave would immediately rise to the PRESENT position, and remain in that position until told to “continue” or until given another order.

A slave never begins to eat until her Master has begun, AND everyone due respect who is within the Master’s communication or concern has begun. A slave’s authority to eat is given when the Master authorizes food to be prepared for the slave, or when a slave is authorized to order from a menu. A slave does not ask if it is her Master’s intention for the slave to eat when there is food sitting in front of the slave, but she doesn’t begin to consume that food until all, except slaves, have begun. If any Master in the area is not eating, the slave must have an explicit order to begin eating. At an eating table, a slave stands PRESENTED, rather than fully PRESENTING while awaiting orders to sit and begin.

When a slave feels the need for food or drink, the slave always asks her Master His need first, then adds, “and Your slave?” A sample behavior would include:

Whenever another slave PRESENTS, all slaves in the presence of the one who is required to PRESENT will PRESENT with that slave, i.e. a slave never watches another slave PRESENTS herself; she joins the other slave in PRESENTING. Once PRESENTED, all slaves must wait for an order which allows each slave to move once again. The only exceptions are 1) when the NON-PRESENTED slaves have been ordered to sleep and are in their ordered positions to sleep or when bound or otherwise encumbered in such a way that the PRESENTATION position cannot be physically achieved. PRESENTED slaves always align in an orderly fashion. 2) one slave is being used to train another slave.

In the slave mode, a slave walks behind her Master, basically in a “leashed” position. This means that she follows her Master as if she was leashed. Even when walking, as always, a slave only speaks after she has requested “Sir?”, unless responding to her Master’s questions. The slave can be ordered to walk on the left side by the command “heel left.”


The “at ease” mode is considered the normal mode for the slave in public, unless it’s a BDSM function: The following rules apply when the slave is ordered to the slave mode in public. This is accomplished by giving her the “attention” command. When ordered to the “slave” mode in public the following behavior rules apply.

A) A slave responds to her Master’s presence in public the same as in private with some modifications to prevent inviting public criticism. The slave’s behavior must always engender respect for slavery, and for her Master. No activity is to ever intentionally nor carelessly endanger that objective. Under most public circumstances, the following modification will accommodate the public’s acceptance and understanding.

B) In the general public, a slave normally would PRESENT STANDING instead of FULLY, to enter or leave the Master’s presence. The public PRESENT is done by standing with her arms at her side.

C) In a restaurant, a slave always (no matter what mode she is in) stands at the end of the booth or beside the chair in a modified PRESENT, until the Master tells the slave, or points to the seat, to indicate that the slave should sit. The slave would discretely say “Sir, Yes Sir,” and take her seat.

D) In a work, family, or school situation around people who are not aware of the lifestyle, or where it would clearly be inappropriate. A slave never uses language which would invite criticism, cause disrespect for slaves, or endanger the effectiveness of the slave’s work or profession.

E) The slave will follow behind her Master, NOT heeled by His side, and will NOT wander off or become distracted from her Master. Her focus will be that of a leashed slave.

F) Public conversation is limited to:

1) Those that speak to her first.

2) Anyone she knows.

3) General rules of kindness.

4) And to assist her Master. General conversation is not permitted.

9) PROTOCOL AROUND OTHERS IN THE LIFESTYLE: Whether in public, or private, a slave PRESENTS herself, in this sequence, to:

A) Her Master, expressing “Master/ Sir”, until told to continue or ordered otherwise.

B) The Master to whom the slave has been assigned, when applicable, express “Master/ Sir”, remain until told to continue or otherwise ordered.

C) PRESENT to others by direct order. When alone, a slave PRESENTS to other knowledgeable Masters who understand the PRESENT formality, whom the slave has previously met.

D) Whenever anyone touches, fondles, grabs, or otherwise uses a slave without the Master’s permission, the slave has permission and is directed to state, strongly, if necessary, that the action was inappropriate and take whatever action is necessary to protect her Master’s property. The slave can only be touched, fondled, grabbed or used with the consent of her Master and in the way her Master has directed that she be used. This does not mean the general orders given by a Dominant friend of her Master’s will not be completely and quickly obeyed by the slave. The slave will, at all times, show respect to Dominants, unless an attempt is made to misuse the slave, as described above. The slave will immediately report any attempts to misuse her to her Master or in case He is not around to a Dominant friend of her Master.



The “service mode” is a mid-level protocol level used for general service of the slave, usually in private, but may be used at BDSM functions. It can also be referred to as a “general purpose mode” This mode is intended to be a serving mode for the pleasure of her Master. Her primary purpose in the service mode is to serve, obey and please her Master but she is allowed some less formal protocol, and more freedom of movement.

The service Mode is the primary mode that will be utilized to control a slave since it allows for more effective and useful control for serving her Master.

This level is less restrictive than the “slave” mode and therefore is a privilege granted by the Master to His slave. This is the normal mode for service to her Master. However, the slave should strive to become more “at home” in the “slave mode.”

While in the service mode, the slave will assume the “slave mode” 1) if ordered to a position (example; kneel or teach) 2) or is receiving punishment 3) or told to PRESENT. If told to PRESENT she will do a formal PRESENT in the “slave” mode instead of the normal PRESENT in the “service mode.”

Service Mode – BEHAVIOR:

1) Addressing her Master: The slave will address her Master as “Master” or “Sir” in this mode.

The slave will use:

“Yes/No, Sir “when responding to a question.

And “Yes, Sir”, when told an order. NOTE: This is different than the “slave mode” where she would say – “Sir, Yes, Sir, Thank You, Sir, when responding to an order.

It is never wrong to use “Sir” before and after making a statement to her Master.

2) Referring to herself: The slave will refer to herself as “this slave” or “Your property” at all times in this mode. The slave can also refer to herself as “her” Example: “Sir, this slave is doing well on her driving below the speed limit as her Master ordered. Your property does not need punished for speeding, Sir.” The use of “I” or “mine” or “my” is not permitted.

3) Presenting: The slave is not required to make the formal PRESENT (kneeling) in this mode, However she must do a standing PRESENT. she must keep a mindful watch for her Master’s needs and face Him to see if He needs anything when He approaches her or addresses her (standing PRESENT). If ordered by her Master to “Present”, the slave will assume the “slave mode” and stay in the “slave mode” until told to “continue”.

If the slave is allowed the privilege of serving her Master for an extended period of time, in the “service” mode the following rules apply to her PRESENTING.

A) If her Master leaves the room she is in, she will upon His return, PRESENT to see if her Master wishes her to continue. If she is sure that her Master is aware that she is PRESENTING and He says nothing to her she will continue in the “service” mode.

B) The same PRESENT rules apply if she leaves and returns to the same room that her Master is in. she will observe her Master to see if He desires her service before continuing her duties.

C) PRESENTING in the “service” mode is defined as stopping what she is doing, facing her Master, and observing Him with her arms behind her back, she may move if necessary to see Him.

D) If she is seated and her Master enters the room she is in, she will stand to see if He desires her service, before continuing.

E) If she is seated on furniture and her Master enters the room and takes a seat, she will seat herself on the floor at her Master’s feet after PRESENTING.


4) Eye Contact and “Rest” Position: The slave will maintain no continued eye contact with her Master in this mode, unless she is allowed to set in the “rest position” at her Master’s feet. Other than the “rest position”, she is only allowed to look at her Master from time to time to determine His needs. Other than these brief looks, she is expected to maintain, eyes down.

The slave may make brief eye contact with her Master when she is entering the same room as her Master to see if He desires her services.

The slave may briefly look at her Master in order locate Him or see His mood during a conversation or better serve Him, but her major focus is “eyes down” showing respect for her Master and her slavery unless she is in the “rest” position at His feet.

The slave is not to assume that she may set on the furniture by her Master without permission. For a period to time, she may be granted permission to use the furniture, but one privilege is not blanket permission. The slave should have a reason for wanting to use furniture and state the reason.

5) Permission to Speak:The slave is assumed to have permission to speak in the “service mode” she may ask her Master questions and engage in conversation and make comments, but is expected to use “Sir” and respond to orders correctly.

The slave when not performing a task for her Master, may freely set in the “rest” Position at her Master’s feet. The “rest” position rules do not apply when she is on her feet.



This is a position that she is ordered to or allowed while sitting at her Master’s feet. It is a position instead of a MODE.

This is  a “rest position” while in the service mode and is NOT the same as the “at ease” mode, except that she will still refer to herself as “this slave” or “Your property” and use “yes Sir” and “no Sir”

While setting at her Master’s feet she is not to use “I” or “my” or “me” – If given an order to perform for her Master –she will respond “yes, Sir,” and promptly obey the order. She will then return to the “rest position” after completing the order. She need not PRESENT after the order is completed, if she was in the “rest Position” prior to receiving the order.



This is used mainly in public and is not to be abused. The slave will remain respectful to her Master, while using subtle means to display her submission to her Master. Example: casting her eyes down or serving Him food and drinks. Sitting at His feet if appropriate.

The slave is not allowed to wander off from her Master unless she asks first for permission and is given permission. The permission is given for a particular purpose only.

She will walk on the right side of her Master in this mode.

She may freely engage in conversations in public with

1) People she knows or any person speaking to her.

2) Any person that will assist in serving her Master or any person she can assist in serving her Master.

3) Her Master and to others in public, while remaining respectful.

4) A common greeting to others when appropriate.

Note: If the slave is told to stand she will stand in the “relaxed” PRESENT.

This applies to BDSM settings as well. The only difference is that she is required to show a higher degree of respect by using Sir or Master appropriately.

If given a “heel” command she will stop what she is doing in public and heel by her Master’s right side.

In public, she will use the same seating rules as other modes.

In Public, she is not to use Sir, where it can be heard by others and can refer to herself as “I” or “my” – if appropriate in conversation with others. She may also refer to herself in first person when appropriate.

Any level other than the slave mode is a privilege granted by the slave’s Master. If she is uncertain what mode she is to be in –then she should go to the “slave mode”.

“At Ease mode” in private: The primary use of this mode is for conversation for short periods.

In private, the “at ease” mode will be normally limited to conversations where the slave is sitting in front of her Master or seated beside Him for the purpose of conversations that are pleasing to her Master. The slave should feel that this is not her normal state or the best suited state to please her Master. The slave should be aware that this is not her normal mode and strive to feel more at ease in the “service” and “slave” modes. The Master, from time to time, may place the slave in this mode for longer periods of time, if He feels it is to His advantage.

 A) “At Ease” mode BEHAVIOR; General use of at ease mode in private.

In this mode, the slave will use “Yes/No Sir,” when responding to a question or an order. Other examples of her conversation in this mode are: “Thank You, Sir”– “May Your slave get You ___, Sir?” – “Your welcome, Sir”– “beg Your pardon, Sir” — “This slave needs to go to the store, do You need anything, Sir?” to show respect for her Master — and “Do You wish Your slave to have some wine, Sir?” The slave may freely discuss issues with her Master, if it pleases her Master. The slave will at all times remains respectful and mindful that her primary purpose is to serve and please her Master. The reason for the “at ease” mode is for the pleasure of her Master and should be viewed as such. The slave may look at her Master in this mode and it is not necessary to say ‘Sir” before and after each sentence, but should still be used respectfully. The slave can freely worship her Master at any time in this mode, as long as it pleases her Master and does not interfere with His activities.

B) Eye Contact is permitted:
The slave may freely look at her Master in the “at ease” mode but is still expected to cast her eyes downward to show respect.

C) Disrespect or misuse of this mode may invoke punishment of the slave. The slave should always be aware of her submission to her Master and the slave cannot use this mode to contradict or debate issues with her Master.

D) If the slave is in a public place, this is the primary mode for telephone communications between a Master and His slave, unless otherwise told.

E) The slave may ask to be placed in the “at ease” mode by stating “Sir, Do You wish that Your slave be placed in the “at ease” mode for conversation, Sir?” she should thank her Master before assuming the “at ease” mode. If the subject she wishes to discuss is not obvious to her Master she should state what she wishes to discuss in the “at ease” mode. She should be mindful that her Master knows that all subjects can be discussed in a higher mode. The Master will only allow the “at ease” mode in situations where He feels that the slave will better please or serve Him in this mode.

F) Extended use of “at ease” mode, in private.

In private, the slave is never allowed to be in the “at ease” mode” for an extended period of time.

If her Master leaves the room she is in, she will upon His return, PRESENT to see if her Master wishes her to continue. If she is sure that her Master is aware that she is PRESENTING and He says nothing to her she will continue in the “at ease” mode.

The same PRESENT rules apply if she leaves and returns to the same room that her Master is in.

PRESENTING in the “at ease” mode is defined as stopping what she is doing, facing her Master, and observing Him with her arms at her side to see if He wishes her to continue.

The slave is automatically removed from this mode and will assume the “slave mode” when given any position or punishment command.

When I prepared these slave modes I views http://www.bornslaves.com/principles.htm and used ideas expressed on that site. .