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NOTE:   Master EWY (erva.xue)  –  is more or less running this website and taken oven over the Second Life BEST slave training sim..


 I am seeking someone willing to be trained as my slave in the House of Cuffsmaster


slave girl - changed to wall - bdsm slave training


Instructions for applying for slave training are detailed below.


I take slave training very serious and you can expect me to spend many hours training and molding you to please me. It is my belief that a Master makes the path clear to this slave and then holds her accountable for what she has learned.

It is not necessary or even important that you have prior experience as a slave. What is important is that you have a willingness to learn. If you will bring your desire I will handle the rest. Have no fear.

This is a full time 24/7 position, it is NOT CYBER slavery. you can expect to relocate to my residence after completing a period of trial training. The trial training will include internet training and visits. Don’t expect only internet chat as your training.


How to apply:


Sent me an email entitled “slave training” to

In the email tell me about yourself and your desires.

What you can expect:

As a slave trainee you’ll taught to serve, obey and please me. As my slave, you will be owned body, mind and spirit.

This position is for a long-term slave. I’m not interested in play, this is for real. I will provide you with all the training that you will need to develop into a slave.

If you are interested in being a slave and you are willing to undergo the training required to learn how to serve, obey and please me, then contact me.

you will be cared for, protected, guided and have a place that is home. you will be free to be a slave and serve me.


you can expect:

a) a clear path to follow as you learn to serve and please me.

b) that I will mold your whole being into my slave. Goals will be set during your development. you can expect to be trained according to the guidelines set forth in this website.

c) to be taught protocols, rules and guidelines that will be enforced. All major ones can be found under Master’s Domain on this website.

I”m not looking for a “brat sub” or a “game player” that is interested in disobeying for the purpose of getting play punished. I’m not looking for someone that wants to occasionally play that they are owned. Players will be rejected,

I am looking for a submissive that is truly interested in learning the “art of slavery” and is interested in taking your place in a Master/slave family.

you know your heart. If you have that truly submissive soul then we need to talk. Don’t deny it to yourself. Now is the time to face it and step forward.

I set high expectations but watch you closely to insure that I am not asking more than you can give. you will be pushed, but you will have pride in your development and know I am pleased with your progress.

I would expect that before accepting slavery, you would be willing to pledge:

I as your slave, am willing…

…to receive what my Master givest me,

…to lack what my Master withholds,

…to relinquish what my Master takes,

…to surrender what My Master claims,

…to suffer what My Master ordains,

…to learn what my Master teaches me,

…to change what my Master alters,

…to do what MY Master commands.

…to be and to do anything my Master request, always


Requirement for acceptance into training:

You must meet the following basic requirements before being considered for training:

  1. female (born a female)
  2. age 35 to 55
  3. be in good health
  4. use No drugs accept those prescribed by a licensed Doctor. you will be allowed to take prescription medication and some natural supplements.
  5. be a Non-smoker or have a willingness to accept my guidance in directing you to quit smoking. This may include hypnosis. I don’t require that you come to me as a non-smoker but you will be forced to relinquish smoking.
  6. no drinking of alcoholic products beyond social drinking with the approval of your master. Drinking about one glass of wine a day is acceptable.
  7. be willingness to become part of a Master/slave family and accept your place in it.
  8. be Willing to complete a detailed questionnaire about your present and past experiences.
  9. wiling to accept that you will have no privacy from your master.
  10. willing to learn and obey some basic rules.
  11. Willingness to accept, live with and work with other slaves.


Additional Information:


I live in rural East Tennessee on a small farm. In a ‘timberframe” house. that I built.

I have over 25 years experience in the lifestyle as a dominant.

If it’s total service and surrender that you seek, then you have found a place to realize your goals.

As your Master, I will be decisive, strong, and steadfast. I will be your guide and director.

I am NOT interested in cyber-domination or cyber-sex. I believe in hands on training. To me, slave training is not a game or role play. If you have similar beliefs about the lifestyle contact me,

Yes, of course, there can be communication via the Internet, but that can only be part of the relationship. It must be grounded in personal contact. Therefore you can expect personal contact.

I believe in a holistic approach to slave training. I train your mind, body and spirit to serve, obey and please.


The Master/slave Family:

you will become a member of a Master slave family. That’s right, a family. you become part of a family each working together for the betterment of all. You will work and live with other slaves.

If you are tired of games and you are looking for a real Master/slave relationship, LETS TALK.



Gender: Male

Age: 63

Lives in: Athens, Tennessee

Relocate?: you can expect to relocate if accepted into slavery

Height: 5 ft 11 in

Body Type: Average

Smoking: I’m a non-smoker

Drinking: I’m a light/social drinker

Drugs: I don’t use drugs nor will you be allowed to use them if not prescribed by a doctor.

Education: BA/BS (4 years college)

Race: Caucasian

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Speaks: English

Hair Color: Hair? What Hair? I have light colored hair but I am balding.

Hair Length : Medium

Eye Color : Green

Glasses or Contacts : Glasses

I only ask that you be serious and want to learn. Contact me now!


Lets Talk


Stop just thinking about it and step forward. It’s one of those life steps that you must reach out for before it can happen. Don’t always regret never taking the step.


Just do it NOW !





I can also be contacted at

Yahoo IM handle: cuffsmaster


I expect an email from you first telling me about yourself. I keep getting Yahoo IM requests wanting me to add them to my IM list without emailing me first. Almost always their profile tells me nothing about them. I will not add you to my yahoo IM list unless we talk via email first. I will reject your request and ask you to send me an email. I want to know more about you first and the reason you wish to talk. I don’t have the time to conduct conversations with a huge number of individuals on Yahoo IM and want to make sure you are truly interested. I consider my IM time to be private time. My IM is used mostly for slave training and talking to old friends.

If you have questions about the lifestyle, you can always email me and I will answer every email. Yes, this means you.

If you wish to be considered for slave training, send me an email titled “slave training” and tell me about yourself.