Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the internet. If you are going to take the time to look at our website.    The website is owned by myself (Cuffsmaster)  and Master EWY.

The boring stuff: 

I will start out with “just the facts ma’am just the facts” (words taken from the old Dragnet TV program)



I was raised in a rural East Tennessee environment.

I spent four years in the Navy as a young man (18 -22 years old).  I was an Aviation Electrician .     I served in Navy fighter squadron VF 101 in Key West Florida.   Then later,  I was in VF 41 aboard the Aircraft Carrier FDR.     When I was in service the fighter aircraft were F4’s.  I did an 11 month cruse in the Mediterranean Sea.









After the Navy hitch, I attended college and graduated with a degree in accounting minors in math and psychology.

I’m a retired Special Agent from a Federal Law Enforcement agency (fancy name for criminal investigator or “Fed”). I retired in 2000.

I’m a professional photographer. After retiring from Law Enforcement, I went back to college and obtained a certification in photography. I enjoyed attending classes with great young artistic minds. I consider myself a general photographer since I refuse to specialize. To me that would be boring. I love both; nature and fetish photography.


I now live in East Tennessee on a small farm. No, I am not a farmer even if I own two tractors, two jeeps and a pickup truck. I built the home I live in on the farm.. I cut the timber and constructed my home after retiring in 2000. I built, what is called a “timberframe” home, no it’s not a log home, but it’s made of big timbers. If interested, Google “timberframe home” to get an idea of what I built. I drew the plans, cut the wood, prepared the beams then constructed it. It is held together with wooden pegs; not nails; just as they were 200 years ago.

Some personal stuff:

My religion is Deism. That means it must be reasonable and logical. It is the same religion as Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin. No church and no revealed text.

I am a hypnotist. I took formal training classes to learn hypnotic techniques. In addition to the training,  I’ve studied and practice the art for a long time.  I have  lectured on the subject hypnosis before several munch groups. I use it in slave training as well as  to help others through emotion events, fears or phobias.

I love life, and I am happy with myself. I don’t stay up at night fighting inner demons. I enjoyed a great childhood with great parents. I know that I am lucky in this regard.

I’m a person of strong opinions but try not to be overbearing.  I’m conservative in nature, BUT I am NOT a fundamentalist. There is a huge difference. Yes, I live in the South but I am unaffected by fundamentalist influences that are all around me.   I am NOT a Tea Party Member nor will I ever be.

Politically, I label myself an independent that is socially liberal and financially conservative. My views lean more toward that of Libertarians.

I enjoy many forms of continuing education and not all are related to the BDSM lifestyle. They may include nature, global warming,  light courses in physics or almost any science subject, photography, photoshop and many other things.

I deer hunt with a camera instead of a gun. In fact, a Local Game Warden thought he had found a guy deer hunting out of season. I was in a tree stand looking for deer.   He was all ready to pounce on me until he discovered I only had a Nikon camera with a 200 to 400mm lens.   Not much he could say.

I purchased a 40 foot 2002 model diesel pusher Motorhome and next year will start exploring America.  This year I am getting the kinks out of it and getting it ready to go.

Master slave relationship stuff:

Now that I have given you all the boring facts I’ll tell you about my lifestyle interest.

You’ve probably figured out that I am a dominant.  What you don’t know is that I’ve been in the lifestyle in one way or the other for about 40 years. My major interest is the Master/slave dynamics and the interaction of a Master and slave. I am not interested in just meeting for scene play (bdsm play).

The original purpose for preparing the B.E.S.T. slave training guide in the 1990’s was to help me understand myself.  In addition I prepared it to  improve my ability to understand and train a slave. It was for self improvement. In 2001, I started sharing what I had developed.  In 2002, I started a website detailing B.E.S.T.

After the publication of B.E.S.T. on the internet, I’ve made friends around the world with similar interest. My goal was to provide a training method founded on traditional consensual slave training methods and modern psychology.  It’s intent is to provide a sound logical reasoning for what we do and how to do it.

I enjoy the training of a slave. I love to develop her, mold her, shape her to serve, obey and please. To me, the lifestyle is most attractive when it is focused on a long-term relationship.

I have a slave I’ve owned for about for about 14 years; as of 2013 (we met in 1999).

I am actively seeking a beta slave to join my family. If you wish to discuss it, email me.

Although I am a Master that does set rules and expects obedience, I believe I’m easy to get along with.  I don’t get mad easy and explain what I want you to do. I believe a slave actually does want to serve, obey and please, and it’s my duty to show her what I expect of her.

I expect a slave to be mentally healthy. I don’t accept a slave in order to give her a place to hide from the rest of the world.  Slavery is not running from life but is a place to build a life.

I believe that a poly relationship is a closed unit devoted to each other. It is a family that creates a sense of belonging for all members. It is a unit that works together.

I enjoy friends and have many in and out of the lifestyle. That being said I am also a private person and don’t disclose great details about myself to others outside my Master/slave family.

No person & or company has my permission to use any of my profile, or images or use my articles in any form, or my forum entries or blog entire. There is no implied permission to use any of my original work by anyone. You do not have my permission to copy, save, or print any material or image for your own use or for any type of commercial publication and or distribution. In addition, you don’t have permission to use my copyrighted material from my websites. In short, you don’t have permission to use my material so act with honor.

© 2000 to 2014 by Cuffsmaster.